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How Are Heat Pumps Installed?

In towns like Lantana TX, heat pump installation remains a viable alternative to traditional gas and oil furnaces. A heat pump works in a manner similar to an air conditioner, circulating refrigerant through a system that first bleeds off its heat (turning it into a liquid) and then uses it to cool the air (by placing the liquid in a series of evaporator coils). Heat pumps simply allow the system to be reversed, which provide heat into your home as well as cool air. They work best in areas with comparatively mild winters, like here in Texas, and their comparative efficiency means that they cost less in monthly heating bills. But how are heat pumps installed? Specifics vary, but the basics are fairly easy to explain:

  • A technician selects the optimum place for the heat pump: on an outside wall with at least 36 inches of clear space around the edges of the pump. He’ll place the pump somewhere that provides optimal heating and cooling coverage inside the home as well.
  • The outside portion of the heat pump is placed on a temporary foundation, matching the spot where it will stand after it is installed. The technician then drills holes in the walls corresponding to the refrigerant lines and other key connection points.
  • The technician mounts the inside portion of the heat pump and connects the lines, ensuring that the tubing has sufficient insulation and space.
  • The heat pump fittings are tightened and the mountings are tested for stability before the temporary foundation is moved away from the outside part of the unit.
  • The pump is turned on and tested to see that it works correctly.

A trained technician knows how to conduct each of these steps safely and will have the tools to conduct the job. In Lantana TX, heat pump installation is handled by PRK Services, Inc. We can explain how heat pumps and installed, then help determine if a heat pump is right for your home. Our heat pump installation services in Lantana TX are performed with courtesy and care, and we offer maintenance programs to help keep your heat pump in peak condition as time goes on. Give us a call today to set up a consultation.

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