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Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Lantana, TX

 PRK Services, Inc. is your trusted HVAC service provider in Lantana, TX. Our professionally trained, state and federally certified technicians have the skills to handle anything from full air conditioning and heating installations to simple AC repairs. We’ve been in business for over 40 years providing local residents and businesses with services they can count on day or night – in Lantana, you can count on PRK Services, Inc. to do it all.

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Air Conditioning Services Start with Quality Installation

Lantana, TX bakes every summer beneath high temperatures and stifling humidity. If you’re a homeowner, you need to make sure you have a quality air conditioner, which begins with a solid air conditioning installation service from PRK Services, Inc.. We use only high–end components, ensuring that the bolts, screws and seals will last for a good long time, and we double check all of our steps to make sure your new system is functioning cleanly and effectively the way it’s supposed to.

Signs you Need AC Repair

AC repair services benefit if you can get an early jump on the issue by spotting the signs that you need it. Look for anything unusual in your air conditioner’s operating capacity: low air flow, a lack of cool air, strange noises coming out of your system or even something as subtler as monthly bills that are higher than you were expecting. Sign up for our maintenance program so you can save money by avoiding costly repairs.

Know When to Replace Your Heating System

If properly maintained and cared for, your heating system should last you for many years, but sooner or later it needs to be replaced, and with winters sufficiently cold in Lantana, TX, you need to know when your system needs replacing and do so before it becomes a big problem. In general, look for increasingly high monthly bills, more frequent or expensive repair bills and an overall age that extends past the warranty (accompanied by other problems). Trust PRK Services, Inc. to install a new heater properly!

Schedule Maintenance Sessions for Your Boiler

Your boiler is designed to do its job faithfully and without trouble, but sooner or later, repairs are inevitable. You can keep those incidents to a minimum, however, by scheduling regular maintenance sessions from a trained professional. Not only does it help your boiler work more efficiently, it allows the technician to look for potential repair issues and stop them before they start!

We Handle All Aspects of Furnace Repair and Maintenance

A layman should never attempt to fix a problem with their furnace on their own. Without proper training you could end up making the problem a lot worse. Instead look to a company that can not only handle repair issues, but can schedule regular maintenance sessions to spot those issues early and schedule repair sessions before it results in a breakdown.

Is Geothermal Heating and Cooling Right for You?

Geothermal heating and cooling draws upon the power of the earth – which never changes temperature once you get more than a few feet down – to keep your home comfortable. It works very well, and can substantially lower the cost of your monthly bills (as well as making a very eco–friendly choice), but the up–front costs should be considered and you usually need a fairly big spread of property in Lantana, TX in order to make it work. Call the pros at PRK Services, Inc. to find out more!

Let Indoor Air Quality Products Help Your Heater and Air Conditioner Function More Effectively

Indoor air quality products such as air purifiers and dehumidifiers can make your Lantana, TX home much more comfortable. But they can do more than that. By removing dust that could coat the inside of your heating and air conditioning systems, as well as helping the air feel warmer or cooler as appropriate, it helps those systems do their job more effectively and with less stress. As a result, your monthly bills go down and your systems can work with less stress!

Air Purifiers Protect Sensitive Members of Your Household

If you have a new baby in the home, if someone in your house suffers from asthma, or if you have elderly family members more vulnerable to colds and flus, you should consider installing an electronic air purifier. It pulls dust and dirt out of the air, helping everyone breathe easier and minimizing the risks that come from irritants in the breathing air.

Duct Sealing and Repair Services Keep Your Home Clean

While air purifiers are a good way to keep your home free of dust and dirt, it’s also important to have professional duct sealing services performed, which can prevent dirt from building up in your duct system. It’s important to get a quick jump on breaches in your ducts before they have the opportunity to bring dust and dirt into your system.

Commercial Services Make Your Business Run More Smoothly

Nothing can interrupt your business faster than a heater or an air conditioner that breaks down without warning, or which never seems to get the temperature quite right. A comfortable working environment is essential to keeping your employees happy and productive, as well as offering an inviting place for your customers to visit. In order to accomplish that, you need to rely on a commercial HVAC service that does the job right, whatever it may be, and will be there in a flash when trouble arises!

Commercial HVAC Systems Depend on the Right Know–How

A commercial HVAC system isn’t the same as a residential system. Besides supporting a larger space, it often needs to tailor its needs to suite different occupants, and a breakdown can be far more devastating to the business in question. That means you need an HVAC service that knows how to handle commercial systems and can respond the right way whenever there’s trouble!


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