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Serving the Denton, Texas area


Air Conditioning and Heating Services in Providence Village, TX

For more than 45 years, PRK Services, Inc. has provided air conditioning and heating services to the people in Providence Village, TX and surrounding towns. Our top priority is making sure our clients are comfortable all year round in their homes and businesses. All of our HVAC technicians are professionally trained and have state and federal certifications: we want you to know that you’re receiving the best work possible when you call on us. If you’re in the market for a new central air conditioning installation, if you need a simple AC repair, or if you’re interested in improving your indoor air quality, you can trust us to get the job done right.

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Let Us See to All Your Air Conditioning Needs

The summers in Providence Village can often be rough, and it takes a powerful air conditioner to help a household make it through the searing hot days. PRK Services, Inc. has decades of experience handling the heat, and we’re ready to assist you with whatever AC services you require. We offer complete system installations, replacements, fast repairs (any time of the day or night), and regular inspections and tune-ups. We’ll even arrange to put you up in a hotel until the job is done if the installation takes longer than projected.

AC Repair Whenever You Need It!

We understand how important it is that your cooling system stays up and running, and so we offer 24 hour emergency AC repair services. The next time you suspect that the air conditioner is losing power, or if it should stop running altogether, you only need to call our licensed technicians for a solution. Check out our AC maintenance program to learn how you can save money by avoiding costly repairs in the future!

We Have You Covered When It Comes to Heating Your Home

Providence Village, TX enjoys mild winters. But there are still days when temperatures can dip down to uncomfortable levels. Instead of shivering in your home, make sure that you have a heating system courtesy of PRK Services, Inc.. We install many types of heaters, including boilers. If you already have a heater for your home, we are the experience and trained people to call whenever it needs repairs or regular visits that will prevent repairs from returning in the future. Your comfort is our top concern!

Boilers: Installation, Replacement, Repairs, Maintenance

Although they’ve been around for many decades, boilers still make an excellent choice for whole-home heating. A boiler provides even and comfortable warmth, and can save you money compared to other types of heaters. Contact us to arrange for a new boiler installation, or to schedule for any services to care for your current boiler and keep it warming your house for years to come.

We Have Comprehensive Service for Furnaces

No other heating system is found in as many homes as the furnace, and our technicians have the experience and know-how to handle any furnace service that your home may require. We install, repair, replace, and maintain both electric and natural gas-powered furnaces. It’s important that you never permit amateurs to work on your furnace, or attempt to do it on your own. Contact us first, and we’ll see you receive a great job.

Interested in Geothermal Heating and Cooling?

Right beneath your feet is one of the best resources available when it comes to clean and inexpensive energy that will provide comfort for your home. Geothermal heating and cooling offers one of the best ways to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer without running up massive bills. If you’ve always believed that a geothermal system was out of your reach, we’d like to prove you wrong! Call PRK Services, Inc. and ask about how we can provide you with a geothermal heat pump in Providence Village.

Contact Us for Improvements to Your Indoor Air Quality in Providence Village

Homes across the country have worse indoor air quality than they should, and sometimes it’s more polluted with contaminants than the air outside. There are ways to raise the quality of your home’s air, however, and you’ll find them at PRK Services, Inc.. We offer many types of air cleaning appliances and services, such as installing different filters and purifiers, balancing humidity with humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and performing thorough professional duct sealing. We can also help seal your home’s air leaks with our insulation services.

Air Purifiers Will Clean Your Home’s Air

Large pollutants moving through your home are simple to remove using mechanical air filters. But what about smaller particles, such as gas and odor molecules and various volatile organic compounds? They may slip through the mesh of a filter, but they won’t escape a professionally installed air purifier! Speak to our team members today to learn more about what air purifiers can do for your household.

Professional Duct Sealing and Repair Services

The integrity of the ductwork in your home is essential to maintaining an energy-efficient HVAC system and to prevent the infiltration of harmful particles into the air vented into the rooms. We have specialists who will handle the work sealing off air leaks within your duct system. Give us a call when you think your ventilation system has sustained damage, or if you notice any change in performace.

Quality Commercial Services Available in Providence Village, TX

Our experience and training in HVAC extends to the commercial sphere as well. Our technicians can take care of the comfort needs that are vital to the daily success of your business establishment. You can depend on them for heating and air conditioning installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services, including work on rooftop units, commercial compressors, and insulation. PRK Services, Inc. also offers commercial refrigeration service. Whatever your commercial building requires when it comes to comfort, it will be our pleasure to provide it!

We Have the Commercial HVAC Services You Need

Is your restaurant feeling hotter than it should? Are the employees in your office building turning unproductive because of uncomfortably cool conditions? Are you planning to expand business operations and want to expand your air conditioning along with it? All you have to do is contact the commercial HVAC experts on our staff and you can have any of these jobs (plus many more) taken care of quickly and professionally.


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