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Boiler Heating Systems and Service in Denton, TX

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Boilers are great if you’re looking for a system that’s effective, long-lasting, and efficient. They’re also great because their method of heating mimics the feeling of warmth beaming down on you from the sun. If you want service that can get you the best possible results from your boiler, then we suggest our PRK Services, Inc. professionals. We promise the following:

  • A team that's always up to date with the latest in HVAC.
  • Team members who go the extra mile.
  • Over 40 years of experience in the industry.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of service you’re getting when you come to us. We make sure to provide you with the best of the best every time.

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What to Consider before Scheduling Boiler Installation Service in Denton, TX

While a boiler is a very efficient, effective way to heat your home, there are a number of different decisions that must be made before deciding if it is the right heating choice for your Denton, Corinth or Flower Mound , TX area home. To begin with there is a matter of space to consider. Boilers take up much more space than a furnace or heat pump, and if you do not have adequate space to accommodate a boiler installation comfortably you may want to consider a different option.

There is also the matter of sizing your boiler. In order to get the most efficient and effective performance possible from your boiler it must be properly sized prior to installation. Contact the boiler installation professionals at PRK Services, Inc. to have a heating load calculation performed. This will determine the correct size boiler you will need for maximum heating performance.

Also, your fuel choice options must be considered. The boiler itself is little more than a tank in which water is heated. A separate burner consumes a fuel to heat the liquid in the tank. There are a few fuel options to choose from, including natural gas, oil, wood chips or electricity. The accessibility and availability of different fuels in your area will inform this decision. Discuss your options with your service technician.

Why Schedule Professional Boiler Maintenance?

If boilers are so reliable, you may be asking yourself, then why is it so important to schedule regular boiler maintenance? It is important to remember that just because you boiler is producing heat does not mean that it is doing so efficiently or even that it is in good working condition. Your boiler functions a bit like a tea pot. It contains a volume of water, and a burner heats that water and will eventually create steam. It is a simple enough system and operation that even if the burner is not operating at full capacity the water will still eventually get pretty hot. Even if the lid to your tea pot is not secured water can still boil, it just won’t do so efficiently.

Just because the heat in your home comes on does not mean that your boiler is working as it is supposed to. The resulting reduction in efficiency may not be immediately evident, but over time it will worsen and the performance of your boiler system will suffer. In order to ensure that your boiler is operating as efficiently as possible – and safely, for that matter – regular maintenance is necessary. There is simply no better way to get the most out of your boiler while also reducing the risk of damage to the system.

When to Call for Boiler Repair Service

Because your boiler does not necessarily have to break down in order for repairs to be necessary it can be difficult to know when you should call for repair service. The best way to know when boiler repairs are necessary is simply to pay attention to your system. Check out your boiler every now and then. Is water beading on any pipes, joints, or collecting on the floor? Is there steam escaping the system anywhere? Even strange sounds or hammering in your pipe system may indicate a problem with your boiler. Pay attention to your utility bills as well. If your energy costs are rising without any corresponding changes in your home heating habits your system is losing efficiency and professional repair service may be necessary.

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