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Commercial Refrigeration Service in Denton, TX by PRK Services

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If you’re in charge of running a commercial restaurant or any type of commercial space that houses perishable foods, then you know the importance of commercial refrigeration. We’re a team who will make sure that your commercial refrigeration is always impeccable so that your business is efficient and safe.

  • All our professionals are highly trained and experienced technicians.
  • Our technicians are continually trained and stay up to date with the latest in the industry.
  • Your satisfaction is our central focus.

Make sure you invest in this type of care. It’s the only way to ensure that your commercial refrigeration services are up to par. We’re specialists who seek to make this service easy for you.

Contact us for your commercial refrigeration and other commercial HVAC services in Denton, TX, and throughout Cooke County.


Why Schedule Professional Commercial Refrigeration Installation?

The installation of a commercial refrigeration system is not as simple as purchasing a new refrigerator for your home. You must ensure that the commercial refrigeration equipment that you are purchasing is appropriately sized for your needs and business volume. You may need multiple units, or ice machines requiring a water supply. Proper drainage must be ensured and you will need to be sure that your electrical system can handle the demand.

Only a trained, professional technician can guarantee that every step of the installation process, from sizing to connections, is handled appropriately. Let PRK Services, Inc. provide you with the high quality commercial refrigeration installation service you need.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Service in Denton, TX

Are you paying too much to operate your commercial refrigeration equipment? If you have not scheduled professional commercial refrigeration maintenance in the past year then you probably are. This type of equipment is running all day, every day, and that level of demand can take a toll. Make sure that every component of your commercial refrigeration equipment is pulling its own weight and that its performance is not putting unnecessary wear and tear on the system as a whole. Don’t take any chances with your commercial refrigeration equipment in Denton, TX. Let us help you keep your business running smoothly.

Denton, TX Commercial Refrigeration Repair Service

Even with the necessary commercial refrigeration maintenance your system will eventually need some level of repair service. When that time comes you must be sure that you are working with a qualified commercial refrigeration repair expert. Call PRK Services, Inc. to ensure that your repairs are being handled correctly. Don’t waste your money on shoddy repair work that will just have to be redone anyway. Let us get things right the first time with our professional commercial refrigeration repair service.

Call PRK Services for Professional Commercial Refrigeration Service

When you need any commercial refrigeration service call the experts at PRK Services, Inc.. We’ll make sure that your commercial refrigeration equipment is well cared for. We are the service provider to call in the Denton, TX area.

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