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Serving the Denton, Texas area


Commercial Compressor Service by PRK Services in Denton, TX

If you have any commercial refrigeration equipment you know how important it is for those refrigeration systems to provide even, dependable refrigeration power. A commercial refrigeration system works nonstop, 24/7, and in a much greater capacity than the refrigerators that we use in our homes. If the compressor in your commercial refrigeration system does not operate properly or breaks down altogether you risk losing any product that was relying on that compressor for refrigeration performance. Make sure that the commercial compressor in your commercial refrigeration system is in top notch working condition. If you are in the Denton, TX area, simply call the commercial refrigeration experts at PRK Services to schedule the services you need to guarantee the effective performance of your commercial refrigeration system. We’re always happy to help our clients succeed in their commercial ventures.

PRK Services are your heating and air conditioning experts in Denton, Flower Mound, and Corinth TX.

What is a Commercial Compressor?

Most commercial refrigeration systems require a compressor to operate. A compressor is the component in your commercial refrigeration or cooling system that both pumps refrigerant throughout the system and compresses the gas in that system in order to condense it into a liquid. This liquid refrigerant is what absorbs heat from the surrounding environment that is being cooled. There are a few different types of compressors, but the all share one thing in common: they must receive professional installation, maintenance and repair services to function properly.

Commercial Compressor Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services

When you need a compressor in your commercial refrigeration equipment replaced that replacement service must be handled by a professional service provider such as PRK Services. We have years of experience working with commercial compressors, and when you work with us you will not need to worry about commercial compressor replacements for a long time.

When we perform a commercial compressor installation we make sure that the job is done properly, that the compressor itself is operating at top performance levels, and that it is fully integrated into your system to provide the best possible operation. Once the installation is completed you should schedule regular, professional maintenance for your system with us. We will make sure that your commercial compressor stays in great operating condition so that you get the longest life and most dependable service it can deliver. Should repair service be necessary we will ensure that your compressor is working like new again to prevent any damage or further interruption to your commercial cooling system’s performance.

Whatever type of commercial compressor you use – whether it is a screw, piston, scroll or any other model – we have the skills, training and knowledge to ensure that it is operating to its fullest capability. Call today to schedule service.

When You Have Commercial Compressor Issues, Call PRK Services

It doesn’t matter whether you need a commercial compressor installation, maintenance service or repairs. PRK Services is the company you should call in the Denton, TX area. We’ll keep your commercial compressor operating like new, so let us know when you need compressor service. We are always proud to share our skills and expertise.


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