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Denton, TX Commercial HVAC Services

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At PRK Services, Inc., we’re prepared to help you with your commercial needs as well. Commercial care requires a specific level of expertise. We have it on our team. You can come to us and know you’re in good hands because:

  • We have over 40 years experience as a team.
  • We always go the extra mile to ensure that your care is great.
  • We leave things exactly as we found them. We respect your space.

Make sure that you’re investing in your home’s commercial services with a team like ours. We make sure that our commercial care is always up to par so that your business can be comfortable and efficient.

We’ve got your Denton, TX and Cooke County commercial service needs covered.


Make Sure Your Commercial HVAC Installation Is Done Correctly

When you are dealing with a commercial system, you can expect to use a fair amount of energy to power it. By scheduling a professional, high–quality installation for your commercial HVAC system you can help ensure that you are only using – and paying for – as much energy as is absolutely necessary. This is just one of the many benefits that professional commercial HVAC installation offers. Plus, failure to work with a certified, trained service professional may result in the failure of your HVAC system installation to meet local standards and codes.

Another major reason why a professional commercial HVAC installation is so important is to guarantee the safe operation of your equipment. Electrical and plumbing skills come into play when installing these large, complex systems, and in order to ensure that each and every component is properly sized, connected and powered requires a masterful skill set that only professional service providers possess.

A high–quality installation also prolongs the lifespan of your commercial HVAC system. If the various components do not operate together properly, your system faces the risk of unnecessary damage and increased wear and tear. Make sure that every piece of your commercial HVAC system is pulling its own weight.

Our Commercial HVAC Repair and Maintenance Services

Your commercial HVAC system is placed under a lot of stress. In many cases, it is operating 24/7. With such a heavy demand put on it, you can expect that certain components are going to experience some general wear and tear. During a professional maintenance visit, these parts will be tuned up and returned to prime condition, allowing for uninterrupted and high–quality performance from the system. Don’t let a problem with a few pieces of equipment reduce the efficiency of your commercial HVAC system as a whole.

Routine maintenance is also the best preventive tool you have in the fight against the need for commercial HVAC system repair service. Without proper maintenance, your HVAC equipment will be forced to operate in compromised conditions, and that can lead to serious damage to your system. Make sure that everything is kept in good working condition by providing the necessary maintenance that your system needs.

Commercial Rooftop Units

A rooftop unit may be exactly right for you if you don’t have space along the sides of your building, or you want to maximize the space you do have on top of your building. We offer complete commercial rooftop unit services, from new installations to maintenance and repairs.

Commercial Compressors

A commercial compressor is a much more powerful and larger machine than those used in residential HVAC equipment. As such, it needs to be carefully installed and maintained at all times. We can take care of your compressor needs in Denton, TX.

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