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Your Ductless Mini Split Needs Maintenance Too


There are so many great things about ductless mini splits. They allow temperatures to be adjusted room by room, making it easy to save money by lowering heat in areas where it’s not needed. They are quieter and longer-lasting than traditional comfort systems. They can be installed in homes without ductwork, they are more efficient than other types of HVAC systems, and they can provide both heating and cooling with a simple flip of a switch when seasons change. 

You have to remember, though, that they are complex systems that do a lot of work. Just like an air conditioner or a furnace, a ductless mini split requires regular maintenance. And because it works all year long, doing the jobs of two regular appliances, it is strongly recommended that you have maintenance done on your ductless mini split twice a year.

Risks From Failing to Maintain Your Ductless System

It can be difficult to detect problems with furnaces or air conditioners before they become severe. You have to pay close attention to how they are working, listening closely to the sounds they make to hear if something has changed. This may be even more difficult with your ductless mini split for the very reason that it is quieter than other systems. Most HVAC troubles start as very small issues and only become noticeable when they worsen. Without regular maintenance, you will likely not catch a problem until it requires a significant repair.

The other main risk of missing maintenance is that the efficiency of operation will drop gradually over time. This means an increase in your utility bills, and nobody wants to pay more for the same amount of comfort.

Benefits of Maintenance

With regular maintenance, small issues with your ductless mini split can be caught early. For example, if the condensate drain is allowing water to pool, it can be adjusted. This can prevent further issues. In our example, that pooling water could have allowed mold to grow and spread, filling your home with a mildew smell.

Routine wear and tear can also be reduced, preventing strain on the system and deterioration of components. Your technician will remove dust and lubricate moving parts, keeping everything running smoothly.

Efficiency is also improved with mini split maintenance in Denton, TX and since that’s probably one of the main reasons you chose a mini split in the first place, it’s worth keeping that efficiency up and your bills down.

Scheduling Maintenance

While air conditioners are typically maintained in the spring and furnaces in the fall, your ductless mini split needs to be kept in top condition all year long. We recommend a tune-up in both spring and fall. If you’ve missed the “ideal” window, though, it’s better to schedule right away than wait another season.

Cost of Maintenance

The expense of twice-yearly maintenance is easily balanced out by the improved efficiency and reduction in repair needs that you’ll receive. However, if you’re still concerned about cost, you may be happy to hear about our maintenance program. Membership will entitle you to a 15% discount on all repair costs including both labor and parts, and you’ll never pay an overtime fee, even if you need our services late at night or on a weekend. There are many other perks that make our maintenance program a great way to save money and make your life easier. 

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