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Why You Should Consider Installing a Ductless Heating System

Winter is not far off, and that means it’s time to get your home heating system in order. If you’re in the market for a new heating system, you’re probably looking at a lot of different options right now. One of those options should be ductless heating. Ductless heating offers a number of unique advantages over more traditional home heating systems. Read on for a brief description of how ductless heating works, and what advantages they can provide.

How Ductless Heating Works

Ductless heating systems are constructed more like air conditioners than traditional heaters. There are at least two parts to each ductless heating system, one inside the home and one outside. Up to 4 inside units can be connected to a single outside unit. Each inside unit is installed in an individual room, with its own accompanying thermostat. In heating mode, the outside unit absorbs thermal energy from the surrounding air and sends it inside to heat the home. Ductless heating systems are heat pumps, and they can reverse their refrigerant flows in order to provide cooling functions.

Advantages to Ductless Heating

The ability to offer both heating and cooling functions makes ductless systems quite desirable. They save space by doing the job of two separate systems, and take up less energy as well. This is especially true with regard to heating, as ductless heaters don’t burn fuel to create heat. Because each ductless unit has its own thermostat, a ductless system can modulate its output between rooms. If you want a finer degree of control over your indoor climate, this is a great way to do it.

If you’d like to install a ductless heating system in your home, call PRK Services, Inc. We install and service ductless heating systems throughout Lewisville, TX.

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