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Why You Need a Professional HVAC Contractor for AC Services

air-conditioner-maintenanceSummer is coming, and that means that now is the best possible time to make sure that your air conditioner is up to the task. You don’t want to go into the hottest season of the year with a system you can’t rely on, do you? You should make sure that your air conditioner is in top condition before you put all that demand on it, and one of the best ways to do that is with professional preventive maintenance. If you’re thinking of doing any air conditioner work yourself, we’d recommend against it. Read below to find out why a professional HVAC contractor is your best bet for having a healthy and efficient air conditioning system this summer.

DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself)

There are a lot of home projects that can be done with just a bit of enthusiasm and a few hours of research. Providing proper air conditioning maintenance is not one of those things. There’s a reason that HVAC technicians take years to be certified for this kind of thing: it isn’t easy. Proper air conditioning maintenance involves going over every inch of the system and making sure it’s running properly. That means checking the refrigerant level, the electrical connections, the coils, the filters, etc. etc. Some are easier to get to than others, but all of them need to be confirmed as healthy to make sure that the system doesn’t run into any serious problems.

We highly recommend that you don’t go poking around in the innards of your air conditioner unless you know exactly what you’re doing. That means having proper certification, experience, and equipment to make sure that everything is done safely and properly. Improper air conditioning maintenance can not only make any problems in the air conditioner worse, it can create new ones and even pose the risk of personal harm. It’s best not to take the risk and just have a professional do it for you.

Benefits of Professional Maintenance

Aside from not having to worry about damaging your air conditioner (or yourself) professional maintenance also provides you with a great many benefits. For example, regular professional maintenance can increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioner by up to 40%! It can also reduce the odds of a serious problem affecting the system by up to 90%, and lengthen the effective lifespan of the air conditioner by a number of years.

Professional HVAC contractors also tend to incentivize homeowners to get the maintenance they need by offering maintenance programs. These can be anything from a flat discount, to the elimination of overtime fees, to priority over non-member service calls. We actually offer all three of those, and more, with our maintenance program. So, make sure that you get as much advantage from your air conditioning maintenance as possible. Trust a professional to do it for you.

PRK Services provides comprehensive air conditioning maintenance services. Contact us today if you need HVAC service in Aubrey, TX. We’ll make sure that you get what you need.

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