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Why Won’t My Bedroom Get Warmer Even Thought the Heater is Running?

Why won’t my bedroom get warmer, even though the heater is running?”  It can be a disconcerting feeling, especially if the heat in the rest of your house is running just fine. In matters of heating repair in Aubrey, TX, residents need things to get better quickly, lest our winter days turn your bedroom into an icebox. The good news is that the localization of the problem suggests some clear causes which will help the repair person in finding a solution.

If the heat is coming in fine from every location except the bedroom, you likely have a block in the system. The ducts carry the heat through the house from a centralized heater. Sometimes, build-up in the ducts will get so bad that it cuts off the flow of air. You may also be looking at a fissure or a leak in the ducts, which is pulling the air out and cutting off the heat to your bedroom. Regardless of the issue, the service technician can check the length of duct heading to your bedroom, and make repairs accordingly.

If you have a ductless mini-split system, then the problem likely lies in the unit that heats your bedroom. Ductless mini-split systems divide your home into separate zones, which allow you to tailor the heat in each room. It’s a nice system – setting the temperature in one room with another temperature in a completely different room – and if you’re having trouble in one room, then it’s not hard to pinpoint the problem. The difficulty can come from a wide variety of sources: a faulty fan, a problem with the refrigerant, or even an issue with the compressor. But in these cases, the technician knows exactly where to look.

If you’re asking “Why won’t my bedroom get warmer, even though the heater is running?”  then it’s time to call in a professional. When it comes to heating repair, Aubrey TX has a reliable resource in PRK Services, Inc. We can hunt down the source of the problem and instigate repairs with your complete satisfaction in mind. Call us today to set up a consultation!

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