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Why Many Businesses Use Rooftop HVAC Units


Even if you don’t have personal experience with rooftop HVAC units, you’ve almost definitely seen them. They’re often in the backdrop of chases and fight scenes across city rooftops in movies! They consist of boxy units standing up on a flat section of roof and are often lined up in rows.

If you pay attention to the commercial buildings in your area, you will be able to see them adorning the tops. If you’re considering your comfort system options for a commercial space, you should know all the reasons why rooftop HVAC units are so popular.

Saving Space

The first rooftop HVAC units were designed to be added to existing buildings. Because these older buildings didn’t have space set aside for HVAC systems, it was necessary to put them somewhere that wasn’t in the way of the intended use of the building. It continues to be beneficial to keep indoor commercial space available for the needs of the businesses and people inside them, so having HVAC units on the roof is a great way to maximize square footage.


Rooftop HVAC units are inaccessible to the wrong people, such as vandals or someone who might accidentally back their car into an HVAC unit on the outside of a building at ground level. But they are easily accessible to the right people: the technicians who maintain and repair them. Not only can technicians access the units without taking up indoor space, interrupting workflow, or getting in the way of customers. These units can also be maintained and repaired all in one place, unlike some units with components that must be accessed from indoors and some outside. 


Because the parts of the system that make noise are all out on the rooftop, the people inside the commercial space are insulated from the noise. This increases the comfort of tenants, employees, or customers and helps keep them happy in your building for longer stretches of time.


Rooftop HVAC units can be manufactured to attain higher levels of efficiency than other options. Also, the fact that they are open to the air on all sides of each unit means better ventilation, adding to their efficiency and improving their effectiveness.


Because rooftop HVAC units are modular, they are intended to be added together. Like LEGO bricks, it’s easy to connect another unit if your building needs more support than before. This adaptability means not having to replace the entire system to meet new needs. 

If you have questions about commercial rooftop HVAC units and how they could fit into your plans for your commercial building, our team of knowledgeable, qualified installation technicians would love to help you get the answers you seek. We’d be delighted to help you explore your options for your property in the Denton, Cooke County, Flower Mound, or Corinth, Texas area.

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