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Why Is My Air Conditioning Only Cooling Certain Parts of My Home?

When you run your air conditioning system you expect it to cool your entire house. But if you notice that your AC is only cooling certain parts of your house it can be frustrating and also uncomfortable. In this blog post, we wanted to put together a quick explanation of what might be causing this issue. If you’re having this problem at your home call the Corinth, TX air conditioning repair technicians at PRK Services, Inc.

Corinth, TX Air Conditioning Tips: Why Isn’t My Whole Home Getting Cool?

Are only certain parts of your house getting cool? This is a common problem that has a few common causes. Take a look below at what might be the source of this issue and then call for professional Corinth, TX air conditioning repair.

  • Clogged air filter – Probably the most common cause of air conditioning issues is as clogged air filter. Your AC has an air filter in it that protects the internal components from dust and dirt. If it gets clogged it will restrict the flow of air through the system. This means that the cool air will only be able to travel to the rooms closest to the air handler leaving the rest of your house hot.
  • Oversized or undersized AC – One common mistake that homeowners make is that they buy an air conditioner that is too small or too large for their home. If your AC is too large for your home the air conditioner will only operate for short periods of time which means that it will only cool a small part of the house. If your AC is too small, it simply won’t have the power to push the cool air to all the parts of your house.
  • Evaporator coils – One of the key components to your air conditioning system are the evaporator coils that are located in the inside unit of your AC system. If they get dirty or covered in dust and bacteria, it can keep them from properly cooling the air that moves into your home.
  • Fan motor – Your home’s air conditioning system relies on a fan motor to push the cooled air through your home’s ductwork. If the fan motor starts to break down it could hinder the ability of your fan to push enough air into your home. This could cause only certain parts of your home to get enough cool air.

When you need Corinth, TX air conditioning repair, installation or maintenance services just call the friendly experts at PRK Services, Inc.

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