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Why Is It So Important to Change Your Air Conditioning Filters?

Sometimes it’s the seemingly insignificant and small things that can cause the most problems. The same is true for your air conditioning system’s air filter. Making sure that your air filter is changed regularly should be a priority for every homeowner. Give us a call here at PRK Services, Inc. if you need any kind of air conditioning services. We put together a quick explanation of why it’s so important to change your air filters so that more customers would make it a priority in their home.

Flower Mound, TX Air Conditioning Maintenance: Change the Air Filter

Air your air conditioning system operates, it pulls in warm air from your home and from outside. In most AC systems, there is an air filter that is placed near the return air duct that is there to make sure that any large particles like dust, dirt, insects and other debris doesn’t get pulled into the moving parts of the system.

Over time, this air filter can get clogged with debris and restrict the flow of air coming into your air conditioner. This issue is, by far, the most common cause of air conditioning repairs that we see. Changing your AC’s air filter can have a number of positive effects on your home including the following.

  • Increased comfort – One major issue caused by a clogged air filter is not enough cooling. By restricting the flow of air through the system, a clogged air filter won’t allow enough cool air to make it into your home.
  • Reduced repair – When the air filter gets clogged, it will cause your AC system to have to work harder to pull in air for it to cool. This added strain can cause an increase in wear and tear on your system and lead to more frequent repair.
  • Decreased comfort – If your air conditioning system doesn’t get enough cool air through it, it will obviously lead to a decrease in comfort. Without enough cool air flowing through it, you won’t get enough cool air in your home.
  • Reduced equipment life – Over time, the added strain on your air conditioner can lead to an increase in issues and also reduce its lifespan.

Why Get Regular Flower Mound, TX Air Conditioning Maintenance

When you schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioning system, your technician will visit your home on a regular basis and thoroughly inspect your entire system. They will also make sure to change the filter with every visit which takes the burden off of you for having to change the filter on your own.

If you’re interested in setting up Flower Mound, TX air conditioning maintenance make sure that you call the friendly specialists at PRK Services, Inc.

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