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Why Geothermal Installations Are So Complicated

Geothermal systems offer many advantages to homeowners: they provide clean, safe, and dependable comfort through the natural heat of the earth, and they have extremely long lifespans. Although geothermal systems often cost more to install than other home comfort options, they can pay for themselves with their energy-efficient performance in as little as five years (according to the EPA).

Although geothermal heat pumps operate according to a simple principle—taking heat from the earth and bringing it into your home, or reversing the process to cool your home—they are anything but simple to install. If you think you can handle installation on your own, or have an amateur take on the job, then you’ll end up unhappy indeed, with time and effort wasted to get a substandard result. Geothermal installations require extensive planning and work—but if placed in the hands of professionals; they will get done quickly and with a minimum amount of headaches for you.

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The main reason that geothermal installations are complicated is because of the depth at which the loops that carry the refrigerant must be buried in order to operate efficiently. You can’t dig a one-foot deep trench and expect it to work. Geothermal systems need to have their loops placed about 10 feet below the surface, because it’s at this point that the earth’s temperature becomes stable (around 55°F) with few fluctuations due to above-ground weather. Digging 10-foot deep trenches is a massive undertaking, something you can’t achieve with a few shovels.

Another difficulty with installing geothermal systems is that they are the most environmentally sensitive of all comfort systems. Where they are placed in the ground is crucial for their performance, and identifying the best spot to install them requires specialized training. If you just dig a trench at the first available spot on your property and place the refrigerant loops there, you can’t expect to get decent results.

And this brings us to another important point: geothermal systems don’t work for everyone. Despite the many advantages they offer, they don’t fit the needs of every home or every piece of property. Before you even start thinking about installing a geothermal system on your own, you should contact experts to see if geothermal will work for you.

PRK Services, Inc. has experience with all kinds of heating and air conditioning systems. We can steer you toward the right choice. If the right choice for your house in Highland Village, TX is geothermal, trust the work to us: it will save you time, and in the long run, save you money to have professional installation.

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