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Why Ductless Heat Pump Maintenance Is So Important


It’s a frequent refrain on this blog: maintenance is so important! And we do try to be clearer than that, because we know that being told to do something isn’t nearly as helpful as being told why we must do something.

The reasons for maintaining your heating system or your air conditioner are similar: it improves efficiency, it makes the system work more effectively, it cuts down on the risk of repairs being needed, and it helps the system last longer, so you can go many more years before having to worry about replacing it.

All these things are also true when it comes to your heat pump and the ductless system it connects to, but there’s more. There are some specific details about ductless heat pump maintenance that are unique. Here’s some info about why those things matter so much.

Year-Round Use

In addition to keeping your home cool all summer, your heat pump has the amazing ability to keep your home cozy when it gets chilly out! This may in fact be the reason you chose to get a heat pump to begin with. The revolutionary reversing valve makes it possible to bring warmth in from outdoors, even when it’s pretty cold outside, and the fact that heat is simply being moved from one place to another rather than being generated means that the system is extraordinarily efficient. 

But it also means that the components of the system are working year-round. There’s twice as much work, twice as much wear and tear, twice as much dust accumulating, and twice as much risk of something going wrong. The blower fan motor in particular will really struggle if it isn’t cleaned and lubricated frequently enough.

What’s frequently enough? Well, because it is doing the job of both a heating system and an air conditioner, maintenance should happen twice a year. This will keep everything clean, lubricated, efficient, and effective, and will give your technician a chance to spot the first signs of any issue before it turns into a huge hassle or expensive repair.


Your ductless system has air handlers in multiple parts of your home, unlike a central AC unit which only has one. These aren’t just vents for air to blow from. They’re the locations where the cooling or heating is taking place, which means refrigerant coils run through there.

Because condensation forms on refrigerant coils, each air handler must have its own drainage system. This collects the moisture and directs it out of your home. Usually, this functions smoothly. But if a central AC unit has one condensate pan and drainage line, and your home has four ductless air handlers, you can see why there are now four times as many opportunities for something to go wrong. It’s critical to have those condensate pans and drainage lines cleaned and inspected twice a year, because something as small as a clump of pet fur blocking a drain could result in water damage to your home. 

Don’t forget to schedule twice-yearly ductless heat pump maintenance in Denton, TX to get the best performance from your heating and cooling system. It’s the perfect time of year to make your fall appointment!

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