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Why Do I Need An Air Filter?

Central air conditioning systems feature an air filter, and if you own an AC, you’ll probably become very familiar with them. Air filters are designed to be replaced on a regular basis as they become dirty and clogged; reusable filters can be washed and cleaned before returning to the AC system, while replaceable ones can be switched out for a new one. When air filters aren’t replaced, it can lead to reduced efficiency and eventually more serious problems. In Denton, TX, air conditioning repair can become a serious issue, especially in the summer when the mercury starts to climb. Understanding how an air filter works and why you need it can be important in keeping costly service calls at bay.

First and foremost, an air filter keeps system components like the evaporator coil and blower free of dust and debris. This in turn keeps those components functioning at peak capacity and improves the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Without the filter, dirt and dust would simply build up in the system until it caused a serious issue. The reduced efficiency would result in higher monthly energy costs, as well as creating unnecessary wear and tear on the components. With an air filter in place, the air conditioning system will last longer, as well as functioning at its peak efficiency (and saving you some money on your monthly electric bills).

In addition, air filters improve the indoor air quality in your home by filtering out dust, pet dander and other pollutants. Allergens can be a big concern in the Denton area, where pollen and similar irritants are a fact of life. Asthmatics and those with allergy problems need a clean filter to stay healthy, and even those without such conditions can appreciate cleaner air.

Changing the air filter as part of a regular maintenance schedule not only improves the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, but extends its life and saves you money in the bargain. PRK Services, Inc. handles air conditioning repair in Denton, TX, and can include air filter replacement as part of an all-points maintenance program. Contact us today!

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