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Why Am I Not Getting Enough Heat from My Furnace?

In Aubrey TX, heating repair services need to move quickly once you spot the signs of trouble. Our winter nights can get chilly and a functioning furnace is the best means to keep your home warm and comfortable. When problems arise, you want to deal with them quickly, particularly when it involves your furnace not generating enough heat. “Why is my furnace not generating heat?” you ask. A good technician can provide the answers before conducting an efficient furnace repair.

The problems with a lack of heat are obvious. The furnace will need to work harder to warm you home, raising your energy bills and creating more wear and tear on the system.  The causes depend on the exact nature of your furnace. In some cases, the problem can be traced to the thermostat, which can be set too low or misreading the temperature in your home. You may need to move the thermostat to a spot in the home that more accurately gauges the heat, or it may be necessary to replace the thermostat entirely.

Other problems can stem from a lack of overall maintenance. When air filters get clogged, they can restrict the flow of air, preventing heat from reaching the interior of your home. A clogged blower can affect the flow of air as well, as can a dirty burner which affect the heat and consistency of the flames that serve to heat the air in your furnace. In these cases, a regular maintenance session from a professional can alleviate the problem. He or she will clean the unit, tighten loose fittings and ensure that everything is ship-shape. It’s usually a good idea to schedule such a session in the fall, before the cold set in in earnest.

Regardless of the causes, if you’re asking “why am I not getting enough heat from my furnace,” then it’s time to call in a professional. PRK Services Inc. offers Aubrey TX, heating repair services. We will hunt down the source of your low heat and work overtime to restore it to full functionality. Call us to set up an appointment today.

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