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Which Air Purifier is Right for You?

The average home’s indoor air quality isn’t that great. Millions of microscopic contaminants are commonly found in home’s indoor air, including dust, pollen, dander, germs, and mold spores. This is made worse during winter, when most people cut off the flow of fresh air through their homes by shutting windows against the cold. If you want to improve your indoor air quality, and by extension your health, you should consider installing an air purifier in your home. Let’s take a look at a couple of the more popular air purifier types available on the market.

Air Filters

Mechanical air filters are tightly woven meshes, often stretched across sections of your home’s ducts so that they can treat all air being circulated. As air flows through the filter, any particles it carries become snared in the mesh. The filter needs to be removed and cleaned every few months in order to avoid becoming clogged. Even so, these are some of the most popular air purifiers on the market.

Ionization Purifiers

Also called electronic purifiers, these systems release clouds of charged particles during operation. As airborne contaminants pass through this cloud of particles, they become magnetically charged. They then flow into the purifier and stick to metal plates inside the system. The plates can then be removed and cleaned to rid the system of the contaminants.

UV Air Purifiers

UV air purifiers don’t actually remove contaminants from your air at all. Instead, they use ultraviolet light to sterilize the air. Most germs cannot withstand high levels of UV light. When exposed to it, they are either sterilized or destroyed. By doing this, the UV air purifier lessens the chances of you getting sick.

If you’d like to know more about air purifiers, call PRK Services, Inc. We install and service air purifiers throughout Aubrey/Crossroads, TX.

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