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When to Replace Your Boiler

Boilers have a reputation for longevity, especially compared to other heating systems on the market. This is because they have fewer moving parts, which makes it less likely for issues to occur. However, that does not mean that they last forever. If your boiler is not able to carry you through another winter season, it’s a good idea to replace it now. You don’t want to have it suddenly die on you in the middle of the coldest season of the year, after all. Use the following symptoms to determine if your boiler needs replacing.

Output Drops

The older the boiler gets, the more worn out it’s going to become and the less efficient it will be at its job. As the system nears the end of its life, this loss of output will start to become more and more pronounced. If your boiler seems to be unable to warm your home as well as it once did, it may be time for a new system.

Repairs Rise

Boilers may be resistant to a lot of problems, but that doesn’t make them immune. An older boiler will have various parts fail far more often than a younger boiler. If you need to have your boiler repaired multiple times a year, you should give serious consideration to replacing it.


Boilers tend to last around 20 years, on average. It’s a respectable amount of time, compared to the 10-15 years of other heating systems. If your boiler is older than 20 years, though, chances are that it’s costing you more money to operate than it should. Talk to a professional about whether or not you should replace your boiler if it’s older than 20.

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