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When Does My Ductless AC Need Maintenance?


When folks have been accustomed to central air conditioning systems or using window units to cool their homes, transitioning to a ductless AC system may leave them with some questions.

Since maintenance is such a critical part of making sure your air conditioner keeps running, questions about maintenance are critical to answer.

One common question is, when does my ductless air conditioning system need to have professional maintenance done? We’ll help you feel confident in knowing not just when, but why.

Systems that Cool Your Home

If your ductless system is just an air conditioner, only providing cooling, you only need to have maintenance done once per year. It’s usually done during the spring, before the start of the hot weather which will put such a demand on the system.

However, it’s more important that it be done annually than exactly which time of year it should be done. If you miss the “ideal” window, you should schedule ductless AC maintenance in Denton, TX as soon as possible, not wait until the following spring.

Systems that Heat and Cool

Some ductless systems feature heat pumps, which have a reversing valve. This means that the refrigerant within the system can flow either way, carrying heat out of the home in the summer and then, with the flip of a switch, bringing heat into the home during the winter. (Yes, even during surprisingly cold temperatures!)

Because it’s doing both jobs, it gets year-round use. This means twice as much wear and tear and twice as much need for maintenance. It’s recommended that ductless systems with heat pumps be maintained in the spring and in the fall, between the highest-use seasons, but again, making sure it’s done twice a year is more important than exactly when it’s done.

Maintenance You Should Do Yourself

While most HVAC maintenance should only ever be done by a qualified professional, there are two jobs that you can do to help keep your air conditioner happy and healthy.

First, change the air filter regularly. During summer or when use is the highest, change it every month. At other times, once every third month should suffice.

Second, keep the outdoor unit and the area around it clean and clear. A buildup of dirt and debris or a crowding growth of plants will insulate the coils, and that’s the last thing you want. They need to be able to give off as much heat as possible, in order for the refrigerant that re-enters your home to be substantially cooler than it was on its way out.

Clear away anything that is up against the unit, and if the coils are caked with dirt, spray them with a hose. Don’t risk damaging the unit with a high-velocity spray; a gentle flow of water is all you need. 

If you need to schedule maintenance for your ductless AC system or heat pump, or if you have any other questions about the system, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is always happy to share our knowledge with curious customers.

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