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Uncommon Air Conditioner Repairs You Should Know About


There are a lot of air conditioner problems we see every day. Ice forming on the indoor evaporator coils, dirt and debris choking the outdoor condenser coils, leaking refrigerant, and broken fans are all common issues. But once in a while, we see something more unusual. In case you ever encounter one of these uncommon air conditioner problems, you should know that they do sometimes happen.

Your Air Conditioner Is Sinking

How could this happen? What we’re talking about is the outdoor unit. It sits on the ground and if it was installed properly, it almost definitely sits on a concrete slab. The purpose of the slab is to keep it level so it doesn’t leak oil, control vibration so it doesn’t shake all its connections loose, and to prevent it from sinking down into the ground.

But sometimes the slab itself starts to sink. This can happen because water from the condensation line or soggy conditions for other reasons have left the ground muddy and unstable beneath it. Because all the connections were arranged with the outdoor AC unit at a specific height, they can be compromised as it sinks.

Also, if it sinks to one side, you can end up with the oil leaking from the compressor, leaving it without enough oil, which puts a lot of strain on the system. In many cases, the concrete slab can be shored up and stabilized with the addition of some sand. However, sometimes a new slab needs to be poured.

Your Air Conditioner Experiences Water Damage

It’s critical for all the condensate—the water pulled from the air by the air conditioner—to flow safely where it belongs. When it pools somewhere, it can cause major, unusual problems. For example, the air handlers of ductless systems could begin to separate from the wall where they are mounted.

Water pooling in ductwork can lead to mold problems which you might only notice as a mildew smell because the mold itself is where you can’t see it. Even water damage from other sources such as weather events or a plumbing issue can weaken the structure that supports your air conditioner or damage the electrical components in your AC unit. If you suspect water damage for any reason, you need AC repair in Denton, TX right away.

Your Air Conditioner Is Infested

Because your ductwork provides a safe, quiet network out of the way of human traffic, it’s understandable that small animals like rodents might take up residence there. That’s not the only place where pests might reside.

Your outdoor unit is a convenient shelter for a variety of wildlife. Because dirt or debris on the outdoor unit is a common issue, it’s easy to assume a problem is caused by windblown dust or last year’s autumn leaves. But sometimes, bees or wasps have decided that your AC unit is a great place for a hive or nest! On rare occasions, snakes have even holed up in the space around the condenser coils.

Whatever your issue is, don’t delay in getting repairs. We might not see these problems every day, but we’re ready and able to get your air conditioner back into tip-top condition for you.

Contact PRK Services, Inc. today for all your AC repair needs.

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