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Trouble in Paradise with Your Heater?

portrait of Hands of woman holding white paper houseWe’re deep in the middle of winter now. In fact, we’re so far into the winter season that we’re almost into spring. If you’ve noticed that your home’s heater isn’t performing well, you should schedule an appointment with our professionals. You probably need heating repair in Flower Mound, TX. This isn’t something that you need to avoid. Instead, you can get in touch with our professionals for the exact repair services necessary. We always strive to make things as simple as possible. We know that complicated service is also a stressful service. You can get everything you need from our team members.

Signs You’ve Got Trouble

Here are a few signs that you have trouble with your home’s heater:

Discolored Pilot Flame

If you feel like there’s trouble in paradise with your home’s heater, you should check in with your home’s pilot flame. The pilot flame in your heater should burn blue. This means that it’s burning at a hot temperature. If there’s ever a color that isn’t blue coming from your furnace, then it means that you need to get in contact with a professional. You might notice the flame coming through as red, yellow, or even orange. This is never a good sign.

Dry Air

Your home’s heating quality is intertwined with your home’s indoor air quality. Now, that might not mean much to you on paper. In practice though, it’s going to mean a whole lot. If you notice that your home’s internal air is dry, you should absolutely schedule an appointment with our team.


Open up that cabinet that houses your heater. What does it look like?

You can tell a lot just from looking at your heater. If you notice that your heater is covered in soot, you’re going to need to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Soot is a clear warning sign that something is going wrong. If you have a furnace at home, you should always remain on the prompt side when it comes to acting to keep your space as safe as possible.

Lack of Warm Air

Are you warm enough? Don’t be so quick to brush us off with a “yes.” You might think that you’re warm enough, but you’re actually struggling to get proper heating service. Struggling to get the right heating work looks like hovering over your home’s thermostat, choosing unreasonably high thermostat temperatures, and overcompensating with layers at home. Make sure that you get in contact with someone right away. We’re here to help.

High Energy Bills

Have you noticed that you have high energy bills? This shouldn’t happen unless there is a direct cause. If you’re doing everything the same as you’ve done in previous years and are still running into trouble, then schedule an appointment with us. You’re dealing with heater inefficiency problems, and we can help you with them. We’re here to give you the support you need to stay warm for the rest of the winter.

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