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The Causes of Low Air Conditioner Output

Air-ConditioningAir conditioners can get into quite a bit of trouble during the summer, when they’re used for many hours a day to keep homes cool. All of that added usage puts a lot of extra wear and tear on the system, which increases the chances for problems of various kinds to develop. Hopefully, you’ve already had the system professionally checked out to ensure that it remains in good shape.

Even if you have, though, there is still a small chance that something could malfunction over the next several months. One of the most common signs that your air conditioner is not functioning correctly is falling output. Read on for some common causes of low air conditioner output, and how you can deal with them.

The Air Filter is Clogged

The air filter is supposed to protect the air conditioner from the dust and other detritus that is often found in the average home’s ductwork. While the filter is great for protecting the system, it does need to be changed out every few months or so in order to stay clear. If the filter is not changed often enough, it will eventually become clogged.

A clogged air filter will prevent most of the air in the ducts from entering the air conditioner. No air moving into the air conditioner means no air for the system to cool and circulate throughout the rest of the home. If your air conditioner is not blowing very much air at all, it might be because your air filter needs to be changed.

Short Cycling

If your air conditioner is turning itself on and off every couple of minutes, it’s short cycling. Short cycling is an issue because it prevents the air conditioner from completing a full cooling cycle, and thus cooling the home properly. However, it also increases the wear and tear that the system accumulates over time. The longer an air conditioner short cycles, the more prone to breaking down it’s going to be. Prolonged short cycling also has the effect of shortening the air conditioner’s lifespan by a number of years, so it’s a good idea to call for repairs as soon as you notice it happening.

Refrigerant Leaks

The air conditioner relies on the refrigerant supply in its system throughout its life, recycling the same charge of fluid throughout its life. A refrigerant leak will begin to rob the system of the fluid it needs to function. As the level of refrigerant in the air conditioner drops, the system’s ability to cool the home will drop as well. If the refrigerant level drops too low, the system will eventually break down. Make sure that you call for repairs if you notice fluid dripping from your system, especially if the air coming out of it is not as cool as it should be.

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