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The Advantages of Installing a Boiler System

Heating season is not far off, and now is the time to install a new heating system if you need one. You may be thinking about a more traditional option, like a furnace or a heat pump. While those options certainly have advantages of their own to offer, you should also consider what a boiler system can do for you. Let’s take a look at boiler systems, and the advantages they can offer.

How it Works

A boiler system operates by heating and distributing water through a pipe network installed in the subfloor of each room in the home. Occasionally, the pipe network is supplemented by terminal units like iron radiators or baseboard heaters. Those units are not necessary for the system to function, though. As the hot water flows through the pipes in the floor, it radiates heat through the floor and into the room. The thermal energy the water gives off is transmitted directly from object to object, keeping most of the heat near the floor of the room.


A boiler is classified as a radiant heating system, and has many advantages associated with it For one, a boiler is much more efficient at heating a home than a forced-air system is. Water is better at absorbing and retaining heat than air is, so it takes less effort to heat the home.

With boilers, you don’t have to worry about duct leaks, which are responsible for losses of up to 30% in the average forced air heating system. Finally, a boiler keeps the home more comfortable by preventing heat from rising up to the ceiling, where it won’t help anybody. All of the heat stays near the floor, where you can benefit from it the most.

PRK Services, Inc. provides a full range of boiler installation services throughout Denton, TX.

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