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Take Care of Any Furnace Issues Before Spring!

family-holding-a-green-houseTemperatures start to heat up pretty fast here in Texas during spring. If you’re looking for a team that’s going to fine-tune your system and leave it ready for next winter, then make sure that you contact our team. We understand every aspect of your boiler, furnace, heat pump, ductless mini splits, or geothermal systems. If you’re looking for great services for your furnace system, you need the assistance of our technicians.

We know that procrastination is tempting but don’t think that you can put off these services until next year, it’s always a better idea to address these problems sooner than later. If you need furnace repair in Flower Mound, TX then you can contact our team for prompt and reliable service.

Signs that You Have a Furnace Issue

As winter comes to an end, watch out for these problems with your heating system.

Weird Noises

Hearing something go bump in the night? Sounds like thumping, rattling, scraping, or squeaking, then you’re having a problem with your heating system. Depending on the noise that you’re hearing from your furnace system it could mean a variety of things. The only way to know what a sound means for certain is to have a professional service your system.

Low Airflow

Are you noticing that your furnace system isn’t really blowing as hard as it could be? If that’s the case, then you could be having a minor issue with the venting in your home or you could be having a major issue with your blower or your belt. You need a professional for this, you can’t rectify your venting or furnace system on your own.

The Thermostat Stops Working

Sometimes your thermostat is a little off. You know if the temperature that it displays is different than the actual temperature in your home because you can feel it. Trust your gut—if you’re having trouble with your heating system make sure that you contact our team today. If you’re having trouble with your thermostat, nothing else will really perform the way it should. You could be having trouble with your electrical system, your fuses, circuit breakers, or wiring.

Your Heating Bill is Too High

If you’re running your furnace regularly but the heating bills you’re receiving every month reflect the usage of a sauna then you should contact our team. If you’re receiving exorbitantly high heating bills then you’re suffering from poor furnace efficiency. Our technicians can find the source of the problem in your home and efficiently fix the problem so that your home is up and running again in no time.

Choose PRK Services Inc. for All Your Heating Needs

We specialize in furnace services, but we can service any heating system that you have in your home. We even provide 24/7 emergency services so that we can provide you with service no matter when you need it. We have over forty years of experience in the HVAC industry—we know how to service home in Denton. Make sure that you choose our professional team for quality work.

Don’t let any furnace issues that you have linger on into next year. If you’re having any problems with your furnace in Denton, contact PRK Services, Inc. today to schedule an appointment.

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