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Commercial HVAC Repair Argyle TX: Do I Need a Backup Generator for My Commercial HVAC System?

Monday, February 25th, 2013

When you own a commercial property is your responsibility to keep that property comfortable throughout the year for all your employees, tenants, clients and customers. A high-quality commercial HVAC system paired with the services of a qualified professional can help you do this. Even the best products and services can run into unforeseen problems, though. If there is no power supply available for your commercial HVAC system to draw on you cannot expect your commercial property to stay comfortable for very long. Call PRK Services today for more information about a commercial HVAC backup generator in Argyle, TX.

Not every commercial property will require the services and advantages that a backup generator can provide. If your commercial property is in an area prone to power outages that last for any considerable amount of time, though, you may want to consider a backup generator installation. All heating and cooling systems require power to operate, and in the event of a power outage they will be of no use to you. This may not be a problem during a short power outage, but if the power should be knocked out for a few days – or longer – comfort levels will serious suffer.

A commercial generator can use fuel and convert it to electrical power to keep your commercial HVAC system up and running. The sizing of your commercial backup generator must be handled by a professional, though, to ensure that your generator can handle the demand that will be placed on it. An undersized commercial backup generator isn’t really going to do you or your tenants much good. Of course, a generator must also receive a professional installation for proper, safe operation. If you have any questions about how commercial generators work or their availability in your area call PRK Services today.

PRK Services offers exceptional commercial HVAC services throughout the Argyle, TX area. Don’t put the comfort of your commercial properties at risk. Call an expert commercial HVAC technician on our team for more information about commercial HVAC backup generators.

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Argyle TX Commercial HVAC Repair Tip: What to Do if Your Commercial HVAC System Breaks Down

Monday, February 18th, 2013

PRK Services is here 24 hours a day to provide commercial HVAC repair in Argyle, TX and the surrounding areas. While you should always call a professional HVAC contractor when your heating and air conditioning system breaks down, there are a few things you can do to prevent further damage and costly replacements. In this post, we’ve put together a checklist of things you can do when your commercial HVAC system breaks down.

Call for Repairs ASAP: When you call for a commercial repair service as soon as your system shuts down, it helps reduce the down time for your business. We will send a Argyle TX HVAC technician to your building as soon as we can so that we can get your system up and running again so that you can get back to your daily routine.

Unplug the System: If your system has shut down due to a power outage or surge, unplug your system to help prevent any potential damage if there’s another surge. Make sure you know how to check the fuse box for a flipped switch. If the power is out for an extended period of time, call your utility company to make sure they are aware of the outage.

Consider a Backup Generator: If the power goes out often in your area, consider installing a backup generator for your commercial facility. More down time means less business and less revenue. A backup generator can at least provide basic lighting and HVAC operation while you wait for the power to return.

Our qualified technicians offer fast and reliable repairs. Don’t hesitate to call PRK Services for all your commercial HVAC repairs in Argyle, TX. Call now for 24/7 emergency heating and cooling repairs.

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