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A Summer Indoor Air Quality Check-In

This summer, make sure that you take care of your home so that you have the best chance of staying cool and doing so for an appropriate cost. Once you identify the need for this, the question then becomes, “how can I do this?” Your first thought is probably going to center around your home’s air conditioning system. This is a great first step, but it isn’t the only measure you should take. Your next step should be to think about your indoor air quality in Denton, TX.

Getting comfortable in your home this summer isn’t only about the temperature. It’s also about the cleanliness of your home’s air. Without clean air, you might be cool, but you’ll probably notice coughing, wheezing, and other unfortunate byproducts of poor indoor air quality. The right measures can help you sidestep all of this. Let’s discuss them below…

How to Help Your Home This Summer

Here are a few things you should check in with to help out your home this summer.

Air Cleaners and Purifiers

Are you struggling with problems that stem from indoor air pollution? The problem with answering this quesiton is that homeowners get used to the indoor air quality problems they face. You might notice that you’re coughing more, your eyes are watery, or you’ve started snoring in the night although you never have before. These are all issues that can stem from contaminants in your indoor air. If you want to solve this problem, we suggest air cleaners and air purifiers. 

The type of system you need is dependent on the specific contaminants you’re facing in your home. If you’re looking for an air cleaner or an air purifier, we’re the professionals who can determine what you need.

UV Germicidal Lights

UV germicidal lights are important because they’re highly effective at eliminating any contaminants that may otherwise fly under the radar. The issue with indoor air quality is that it’s not something you can see. You have to pay close attention to the way you feel while at home and, with all of us leading busy lives, this can be difficult to do. If you want precise attention from a professional and preventive service to keep you safe, then we’re the team to call and this is the system to choose. 

Duct Repair

You need to make sure your ducts are sound to get the best air conditioning possible. The trouble that homeowners often run into with this is that you can’t see your ducts all the time. This means that you can’t always know when something is off track and your ducts are the culprit hurting your energy efficiency. We’re here for this. We can test your ducts and then provide duct repair should you need it. If there’s any tearing, gapping, or breaking, then it’s important to invest in duct repair as soon as possible. We’re here to make sure that you have the best indoor air quality possible. 

Contact PRK Services, Inc. today to schedule an appointment for your indoor air quality services. 

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