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Coughing and Chronic Sickness? You Need this IAQ Service

joining-ductwork-repair-serviceDoes cold and flu season seem to last all year in your home? You might think you have a weakened immune system however, it’s not always you, sometimes it’s your home. If your home has poor indoor air quality then you’re going to feel it. A lot of homeowners don’t note their poor indoor air quality problems because they don’t recognize them as such—they think that they’re just common cold symptoms that are inevitable.

If you could avoid these inconveniences in your home, wouldn’t you? A great way to do so is through our air duct repair services in Lantana, TX. We can help you feel great in your home for an affordable price—contact our team today.

“How Do I Know Why I Need Air Duct Repair?”

This is a question we get a lot here at our company and we understand why. Your indoor air quality isn’t something that has noticeable problems like other systems in your home. When your actual air conditioning unit malfunctions, you’ll notice that the AC stops operating or that there are weird noises when you run your system. If your plumbing goes south, you’ll have a clogged toilet or a slow-draining shower. Your ductwork is one area of your system that’s completely out of sight and out of mind. A couple of signs that you’re having trouble with your home heating is if you have the following:

High Heating Bills

An unexpected spike in your heating bill means that you need a professional. Your ductwork puts a big strain on your wallet if things start to go south. When you’re past the point of a simple sealing repair service and the problems have accelerated to issues like sagging or leaking, you’ll start to notice a big increase in the prices of your heating and cooling bills—this means that it’s time to contact our team.

Poor Air Flow

If you’ve noticed that you need to heat your home much longer than you’re used to, the problem you’re having is more than likely poor air flow. When the airflow in your home decreases to a trickle, that means that you potentially have leaks or cracks in your ductwork. It’s natural for your ductwork to expand and contract, after all, these ducts are metal and the temperature of the air going through them drastically changes depending on the season. It becomes a problem when you have leaky or gapping ducts that allow your conditioned air to escape. Don’t suffer from low airflow—contact our team today.

Respiratory Issues

If you notice that you or a family member coughs, wheezes, or sneezes all the time in your home, don’t let your mind immediately travel to thoughts of weakened immune systems or seasonal allergies. A lot of the time, the problem is actually the ductwork in your home. Compromised ductwork quickly leads to horrendous indoor air quality. We repair ductwork in a fast, efficient, and minimally invasive manner that’s conducive to your daily life.

If you’re struggling with the air quality in your home, make sure that you contact our team here at PRK Services, Inc. today. We’re the best in the Denton area and we’ve worked in the area for the past forty years—we provide the services you need.

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