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Stay Cool and Safe This Summer

Heatwaves in Texas aren’t uncommon, and during the summer, nothing’s more important than keeping you and your family cool. Whether you find yourself in need of AC repair in Denton, TX, or you just want to find extra ways to beat the heat, this post is for you.

Staying cool is more than just a matter of comfort — heatwaves are one of the most dangerous natural occurrences. The World Health Organization reveals that people with chronic conditions who take daily medication are at an even higher risk of complications in hot temperatures.

Keeping your air conditioning in perfect condition is the best way to protect the entire family, but there are some other tips you can follow that will help you prevent any side effects from scorching temperatures.

1. Stay Hydrated, Even Inside

Make sure you drink at least 8 ounces of water every hour, even in well-air-conditioned spaces. Outside, you may need to double that amount. Make sure that you also replenish your fluids after any physical activity, whether that’s going for a swim or simply taking a walk in the neighborhood.

2. Run Ceiling Fans to Circulate Cool Air

Ceiling fans aren’t alternatives to air conditioning units, but they can help improve your home’s comfort when the thermostat reaches high levels. By turning on your fans to run clockwise, you can create air currents that make the room cooler and more comfortable.

For maximum ventilation, make sure you keep all the doors inside open, too. Closed-off spaces will retain more heat, and possibly cause your AC to run longer than necessary. 

3. Close the Blinds and Drapes

Shutting out as much sunlight as possible during peak temperature hours can improve comfort and save money on air conditioning. If you have any windows that receive direct sunlight, you might consider keeping the drapes closed on them until the sun sets. 

Whenever you leave the house, cover all windows to prevent unnecessary heat from seeping indoors.

4. Choose Your Outdoor Time Wisely

Temperatures fluctuate, even when they’re stuck in the high 80s or 90s. Check your weather app or the local weather channel’s website to see when temperatures will be the lowest. Avoid going out or spending prolonged time outdoors at peak hours — these pose the greatest risk of heat sickness or even heatstroke. 

It’s best to get some fresh air early in the morning, before the sun fully rises, and after dark. And whenever you do head out, be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen! 

5. Schedule AC Maintenance

If you’ve been running your air conditioner for months, mid-summer is a good time to call for maintenance. During heatwaves, your system will run even more than usual. Getting your air filter replaced and having a technician tune up your entire unit will do wonders for your comfort and budget. 

Most importantly, a mid-summer check-up can catch and correct any potential hazards that would lead to malfunctions or even total breakdowns. 

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