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The Potential Dangers of a Defunct Furnace

If you’ve got a furnace in your home here in Denton, TX, then we’re sure that you’re happy with your service. Furnaces are reliable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient on top of all of this. Having a furnace in your home means that you can always get the warmth you need even on our coldest Texas days. The only time a furnace won’t be convenient for you is in the case of a furnace breakdown.

Luckily though, we’re the professionals that you can turn to when you need furnace repair in Denton, TX. We’ve got your back through anything because we want you to be comfortable and safe in your home. Make sure that you schedule an appointment with us when you notice any of the warning signs that we’ve listed below…

Signs of a Defunct Furnace

Are you wondering how you can tell that you’ve got a defunct furnace? Here are just a few signs:

  • High amounts of dust in your home
  • Frequent repair issues
  • High energy bills that only seem to get higher regardless of how you operate your heater
  • You can’t get comfortable or remain comfortable
  • Your burner flame isn’t blue (maybe yellow, orange, or red)
  • Your home feels exceptionally dry
  • Your furnace makes strange noises

Watch out for these signs and call our team when you notice a problem.

How this Can Hurt Your Home

Your furnace can become a danger to your comfort and even your health if it’s really on the decline. Here’s how:

Low Indoor Air Quality: An early warning sign of a bad furnace system is actually a high amount of dust in your home. We know what you’re thinking—“what does dust have to do with anything?” Well, dust is actually a sign that your home is having trouble circulating fresh air throughout your home. It’s a direct sign that you’re just circulating dust throughout your home endlessly. We can help you alleviating thee problems.

Gas Leaks: If you’re a homeowner who has a furnace, we’d say that it’s safe to bet that you run this furnace with natural gas. While we recommend natural gas as a fuel source because it’s reliable and energy-efficient, it doesn’t mean that something can’t go wrong with this fuel source if you’re not taking care of your furnace. A crack in your furnace can allow your natural gas to leak out. If this gas leaks in your home it could negatively impact the health and safety of you and your family members. Take care of your home with our team members.

No Heat: This is probably the worst scenario that could happen in your home. If you wait too long to address the budding problems that are happening with your heating system, your system can break down completely and stop supplying you with heat. You don’t want to be cold here in Denton. Have our professionals take care of your furnace system today.

Learn more about your furnace system with our professionals today.

Contact PRK Services, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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