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Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is Properly Sized

If you’re in the market for new air conditioner this summer, you have a lot to think about. While you’re thinking about whether you want a central or a ductless system, and all of the other factors that come into play, don’t forget about properly sizing it. Installing an air conditioner that’s the wrong size will only cause problems for you down the road. Read on to find out what tends to happen when an air conditioner is not sized for the home in which it is installed.


Air conditioners are designed for a certain amount of output over a certain period of time. This cycle is the basis for their operation, and they rely on completing it in order to work properly. An oversized air conditioner will put out too much cool air for the home it’s installed in, which will cause the thermostat to shut it off before it’s reached the end of its cycle. This short cycling puts the system under a massive amount of stress, causing it to develop problems more easily and eventually break down entirely.


Undersized air conditioners do not have enough output to properly serve the homes in which they are installed. So, in an attempt to compensate the system will stay on for far longer than it is designed to do. This accelerates the wear and tear on the air conditioner, causing the same effect as though it were too large. The system will wear down much faster than it is supposed to, and its lifespan will be shortened. This is why it’s so important that you install an air conditioner properly sized for your home.

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