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Maintenance Tips for Ductless Heating Systems


Heating your home with a ductless mini split is an ideal choice for our climate, not to mention for your bank account. This is the most efficient way to heat, so it cuts your utility bills while being better for the planet. And they tend to work quite well for a pretty long time. But when there is a problem, it won’t be the same sort of problem you’d have with a furnace.

Because a ductless mini split is different from other types of heating systems, it has different needs, and there are different things you’ll need to be on the lookout for. Here’s how to keep your ductless heating system happy, with tips for things to do yourself as well as professional maintenance needs you should be aware of.

Things to Do Yourself

Just like an air conditioner, your mini split has a condenser unit outside with a compressor in it. This is the most critical part of the system, so you want to make sure it doesn’t get strained or experience too much wear and tear. Do this by keeping the outdoor unit clean and clear of debris and by changing your air filters every month.

You should also know the signs of a problem so you can get professional repair right away. Leaving minor issues unrepaired can lead to compressor failure. Any unusual noises like clattering or hissing, strange smells like sweet chemicals or sour vinegar, decreased heating or cooling capacity, increased electric bills, or short, start-and-stop cycles should be investigated by a technician.

Finally, because of the nature of the system, condensation will develop. There are pans to collect the condensate and drain lines to conduct it out of your home, but sometimes problems happen and condensate can overflow. Always be on the lookout for signs of moisture, such as dripping, sagging in the wall below an air handler, or the smell of mildew.

Professional Maintenance Needs

Your ductless mini split works a lot harder than the average air conditioner or furnace. That’s because it’s doing the jobs of both those appliances! This means you really must not neglect getting maintenance done. Just as you should have an air conditioner maintained once a year and a furnace maintained once a year, your ductless mini split needs both those services.

Yes, you should schedule professional maintenance twice a year for your ductless mini split. This is generally done during the spring and fall, when the unit is between its hardest-working seasons. Your technician will clean and inspect the entire system, test for problems, and lubricate moving parts. 

Twice-a-year maintenance improves efficiency, keeps your bills low, and keeps you more comfortable in your home. It also dramatically decreases the risk of repair needs or breakdowns and helps the system last as long as possible by limiting the strain experienced by the compressor.

We did say that maintenance is usually done in spring and fall, but making sure it gets done is far more important than getting it done at a particular time of year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule ductless heating maintenance in Denton, TX

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