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Keep an Eye Out for Ductless Problems This Winter

As we get into the full swing of winter, you’re probably going to start relying on your heating system to keep your home warm on a daily basis. That means more stress on the system, which means a higher chance of the system developing problems. If you’re using a ductless heating system to keep warm this winter, you should keep an eye out for the following symptoms that your system is having problems.

Refrigerant Leaks

Ductless heating systems rely on refrigerant to move preexisting heat from one place to the other. The refrigerant is never meant to be consumed, and a ductless heating system should have the same refrigerant throughout its life that it was given when it was first installed. If a leak develops in the refrigerant line, it will drain the system of the fluid it needs to operate properly. This can lead to a full-system breakdown if it isn’t addressed, so it’s important that you call for repairs if you notice fluid dripping from your system.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues are not all that common with ductless heating systems, but they can still occur. Since ductless heating systems utilize separate thermostats for each air handler, it is possible for individual air handlers to short circuit and stop functioning properly. If it seems like part of your ductless heating system isn’t accepting commands, or is turning on and off at strange times, you probably have an electrical issue of some sort. Call a professional and turn off your ductless heating system as soon as you can for these issues, since they can cause some serious problems depending on where in the system they’re located.

If you have any sort of problem with your ductless heating system, call PRK Services, Inc. We offer a full range of ductless heating repair services throughout Lewisville, TX.

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