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Is My Air Conditioning System Ready for Replacement?

The advances in air conditioning technology over the last few decades are astonishing. You may want to take advantage of these leaps with a replacement system in your home to help make the Texas weather more bearable. However, getting a new air conditioner is a major step; installation requires time and professional work in order to get done properly. Before you settle on a replacement, consider some of the signs that may indicate your older system is ready to get swapped out. If a replacement is the best choice, put the job in our hands. PRK Services, Inc. handles Flower Mound, TX air conditioning replacements that will suit your needs

You should first take into account the age of your current system. Although modern air conditioners can provide many years of solid cooling, they wear down over time like any hardworking machine. If your AC was already in place when you moved into your home, it might have years of service behind it. Older systems will usually have manual thermostats with sliders instead of digital ones with pinpoint temperature accuracy. Pay particular attention to signs of trouble with an aging air conditioner, and if repairs start to pile up, it may be time for a replacement. However, if your system is only a few years old, repairs are probably a better choice than a complete replacement.

Look over your last year of electricity bills. A spike in costs usually means a repair that needs to be done to the AC, and not something that requires getting a new system. However, if you see an unexplained rise in your bills that continues even with repairs, then it may be a warning that your AC is coming to the end of its lifespan and cannot work at the same level it used to.

A poorly functioning air conditioner will no longer get your home as cool as it once did. If particular spots in your home feel warmer than others, you might look toward issues with the vents or the ducts. Problems that develop in ductwork are usually not pointers toward a failing air conditioner. A house-wide increase in temperature is a more worrying sign. Although other factors might be involved, if uneven heat occurs in conjunction with the problems above, it’s time to call in a professional to get an informed opinion on whether replacement is the best route.

PRK Services, Inc. has experience offering those opinions. For Flower Mound, TX air conditioning services and expert advice, look to us when you think your AC is ready for replacement.

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