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Is Duct Cleaning Worth the Investment?

**Please Note: PRK Services, Inc. no longer offers duct cleaning services.**

Of the many home maintenance services you can have done professionally, duct cleaning often sounds like it’s unnecessary, or at least something that can be indefinitely postponed. How dirty can your ducts really get? And since you can’t actually see most of your ductwork, how much of a difference will clean ducts make in your life?

But your ductwork can indeed become highly contaminated with dust, dirt, grime, dander, pollen, hair, and even mold and microbacteria—all of which will have an effect on your indoor air quality. In addition, you’ll have a dirtier home and troubled HVAC system. We’ll go into more detail about why scheduling duct cleaning in Oak Park, TX is indeed a worthwhile investment.

For thorough, comprehensive duct cleaning services, as well as other assistance with increasing your indoor air quality, contact the Oak Point, TX duct cleaning specialists at PRK Services, Inc.

The value of duct cleaning

The U.S. EPA has identified lower indoor air quality as a major threat to health in the country. Although we worry (justifiably so) about pollution outdoors, indoor air can often be 100 times poorer. You don’t want the ductwork in your house contributing to worsening the air you breathe when you’re home. Because ducts are sealed to prevent loss of air pressure, they have few places where a build-up of dust can escape… except through the vents into rooms. Duct cleaning will eliminate this dust development so it won’t get into your air. Cleaning will also find other contaminants that can be health hazards and find out how to remedy them.

Duct cleaning isn’t only about keeping your air healthy. It’s also about saving you money on your heating and cooling bills and fending off unnecessary repairs. Dirty ductwork increases resistance to airflow, making your HVAC system work harder and subsequently raising your energy bills. This contamination will also clog air filters and infiltrate the unit’s components, causing damages that require repairs.

Finally, although you can’t see the dirt inside the ducts, you will see it when it gets blown out onto your floor and furnishings. Contaminated ducts will lead to a dustier home that requires constant cleaning to keep dust at bay.

Duct cleaning requires professionals

Accessing the inside of your ducts is not easy, and you don’t have the equipment to reach far enough inside and provide the sufficient level of cleaning power to eliminate the many pollutants that can enter ductwork. This is work for professionals with high-powered vacuums and hose systems. For problems with mold, duct cleaners can also install UV germicidal lights to safely eliminate the problem.

If a few years have passed since you had your ductwork cleaned, call PRK Services, Inc. today and schedule a duct cleaning in Oak Park, TX.

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