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Ignoring these “Innocent” AC Problems Can Lead to a Breakdown!

In the world, on AC problems there are issues that seem benign and there are others that seem terrible from the start. The more offensive air conditioning issues include things like sparks flying and flat out inability to turn on. Everything in between is benign to a lot of homeowners as long as their air conditioning unit still blows cool air most of the time.

Adopting this type of mindset is how so many homeowners can end up with an air conditioner breakdown in the middle of a heat wave. You don’t have to wait until things are terrible to ask a professional for help. If you need air conditioning repair in Argyle, TX our team can have your back in a flash.  

Stay on Guard! Watch Out for these Issues

It’s super important to stay vigilant if you notice these types of air conditioning issues in your home.

Your AC is on all the Time: Do you turn on your air conditioner and seem to hear it run all day and all night? The problem that homeowners are commonly used to dealing with is something called short cycling where your air conditioners starts and stops all day long. A long-running air conditioner can be a real problem too though. If your air conditioner seems to run endlessly then it’s a sign that your air conditioner isn’t able to handle cooling your space. You need a professional to take it back to the basics and asses your system from the ground up.

Your Air Conditioner Turns On and Off: We touched on this briefly for a second above, you might notice your air conditioner “short cycling.” Short cycling is a term that describes your air conditioner turn on and off multiple times an hour. If you’re noticing that your system is cycling a little too often it’s time for you to contact our professionals.

There is Ice on Your AC Unit: Going outside and seeing that your AC unit has a little bit of frost on it or inside of it is never a good sign. We’re sure that you could come to this conclusion on your own. Where homeowners drop the ball is when they turn a blind eye to this problem because it doesn’t seem to affect their cooling power. Sure, this problem may not affect your cooling power right now but it’s an early sign that you might have a problem with your compressor or a refrigerant leak on your hands. Both scenarios need the careful care of a professional.

Your Air is a Little Lukewarm: We’re not talking about your air blowing out hot. That’s a problem that any homeowner would recognize as a big issue. What we’re talking about here is your home’s air conditioner blowing out just a little lukewarm. It can be a little hard to notice at first, in fact, you might just overcompensate by running your air conditioner for a longer amount of time.

Call PRK Services, Inc. at the first sign of AC trouble. You can schedule an appointment with us today.

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