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How Many Mini Splits Does Your Home Need?


While a system which uses ducts has a single, central indoor unit, a ductless mini split system is different. The “split” in the name refers to the refrigerant coils, which split apart from one another when they enter the house. Instead of all the air being cooled (or heated) in one location and then distributed throughout the house, it’s cooled (or heated) right where it will be vented out.

This means that one mini split has multiple air handlers. And each one has its own thermostat! Not only are you avoiding loss from ducts, you can control the temperature individually in each zone. It’s more comfortable for everyone and prevents excess energy use from heating or cooling where you don’t need to. But this leaves us with a major question. How many ductless mini split air handlers will your home need?

Any question about the specific system that’s needed for your home or about the installation plan and process will require a detailed assessment of your home by a qualified professional. So while we can’t use psychic powers to give you an exact answer right now, we can tell you what factors the technicians will be considering when they help you make a plan for installing a ductless mini split system in your home.

Square Footage

This is probably the most obvious one. The size of your home will be a major factor in how much cooling (and heating) it needs and how that must be distributed. The larger the home, the more air handlers your ductless system will require. 


Two homes might be the same size, but if one has a completely open floor plan and one is divided into many smaller rooms with closing doors, they will have different needs. A home with more rooms will typically require more air handlers to keep all those rooms comfortable.


A compact two-story home might have the same square footage or even number of rooms as a more sprawling single-story home, but the outdoor unit will be in close proximity to all those rooms with the more compact home. If your home’s footprint is much larger, an outdoor unit on one side of the home will be very far from the other side. Occasionally, it will be much more efficient to install two outdoor units for this reason.


In a well-insulated home, fewer air handlers can keep a larger space at an even, comfortable temperature. In a home that is drafty and lacking insulation, it may take more air handlers to keep the home from having cold or hot spots where it never gets to quite the right temperature.

Regardless of the exact plan for your ductless mini split for cooling or heating in Denton, TX, you’ll end up with an impressive system that reduces your energy use and cuts your utility bills. When you’re ready to take that step, a member of our team will be ready to help begin the process with you.

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