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How You Ducts Might Hurt Your Heating

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In our opinion, the air ducts are one of the most important parts of a home’s heating system. If you’re concerned with how your home’s ductwork might affect your heating, then there are many things to know about your ducts. We’re going to give you a crash course today. 

We know that many of you out there lead busy lives. There probably aren’t many days that you have the time to pay close attention to the small details of your home. This is only underscored if you’re trying to pinpoint problems with a system as out of sight and out of mind as your ductwork. If you need help pinpointing key signs, then you’ve found the right blog. Let’s get into some key signs you should be aware of today. You can trust us—we’re experts in duct repair in Denton, TX.

How Your Air Ducts Affect Your Heating

Let’s start with the basics of your home’s heating and the ductwork system. 

We like to compare a home’s HVAC system to the human body. In this scenario, the ductwork would be like your body’s veins, your heater (and more specifically your heater’s compressor) is like the heart, and we could consider your indoor air quality system the lungs. Without your veins carrying the blood through your body, you can’t expect your body to perform basic functions. This logic is the same reason why you should keep your ducts healthy. You can’t expect your heated air to properly circulate throughout your home without healthy ducts. You’ll struggle to get adequate heating for an affordable price unless you have great ductwork.

Do You Need Duct Repair?

Here are some signs that your ducts aren’t at their best. These are the signs that you should arrange for professional duct repair. 

Dust and Dirt

An increased level of dust or dirt in your home is a sign that your ducts aren’t tightly sealed. If you’re constantly dusting and vacuuming, your ducts might be working against you. Repairs can set you back on the right track.

Odd Sounds

One of the earliest signs of duct issues is odd sounds. Do you hear loud banging or rattling noises? This is typically common when your ducts are in a state of disrepair. 


An unwelcome critter hiding in your ductwork is a clear sign that you need repair. It’s likely that they got in through a gap or tear. We can repair this hole and keep your ductwork safe from future infestations. 


Are you having trouble with mold? The causes of this can vary. If you’re noticing some funky scents but you just can’t pinpoint where it’s coming from, you might want to have a professional check your ductwork. Mold might be in this area and the spores can blow around in your home. This is bad for your health.

Increase in Energy Bills

Have you noticed that you’re paying more for your heating? If you’re paying more than what you’re used to, but the way you heat your home hasn’t changed at all, then it’s time to check your ducts. A gap can cause an energy leak. Although you can’t see this, you’ll notice it in the rise in your prices. 

Contact PRK Services, Inc. for your ductwork repair in Denton, TX. 

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