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How Duct Repair Saves You Money and Improves Air Quality


The majority of the energy people in the US use is put toward heating and cooling their home. This means that your utility bills mostly account for the cost of running your air conditioner and your heater. Wouldn’t it be great to cut that cost? And wouldn’t it be even better if you could lower your bills and raise your air quality by doing just one thing?

Duct repair, when done by qualified professionals, can make a huge difference to both your air quality and your utility bills. Here’s a rundown of why you might need duct repair, what is involved in the process, and how it can benefit you.

How Duct Problems Begin

There are many ways that a problem can develop somewhere in your system of ductwork. It can go all the way back to installation: perhaps a connection was poorly made, or a section of duct was inadvertently damaged. During the lifetime of the ductwork, damage can occur due to mishaps during renovations or from rodents or other pests. And as ducts age, they can simply deteriorate. Any of these can lead to holes, cracks, or even disconnected sections.

Issues Duct Problems Can Cause

In homes with damaged ductwork, it is estimated that up to 30% of the heated or conditioned air can be lost to unoccupied areas like your attic. This means that the portion of your utility bills that is caused by heating and air conditioning could be 30% higher than it needs to be.

In addition, those holes or cracks can cause air to be sucked into your ductwork from those unoccupied areas and blown into the rest of your home. This can lead to your air being contaminated with dust, rodent waste, and even particles of insulation, none of which is good for your respiratory system.

What Duct Repairs Involve

If you think it might be time for duct repair in Denton, TX, the first step involves having your ductwork inspected to assess the extent of the damage. Isolated areas of damage can be individually repaired, while badly damaged ducts might need to be replaced.

Duct repair does not involve duct tape! Despite the name, duct tape is simply no good for the job. When ducts change temperature they expand and contract and those fluctuations make the adhesive dry out and flake away very quickly. Instead, our team uses a special sealant made of mastic, which has a high tolerance for temperature fluctuations and will keep your ducts sealed for a very long time.

Enjoy the Benefits of Sealed Ducts

Once your ductwork has been repaired, you’ll probably notice a decrease in your monthly utility bills. Your heating system and air conditioner will seem to be working a lot more effectively, easily keeping your home at the temperature you desire. And the air in your home will be cleaner, so you might breathe easier, have fewer respiratory irritations, and even sleep better at night. 

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