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How do Radiant Heaters Work?

Radiant heaters are an innovative and in many ways very smart way to warm your home. Here in Highland Village, TX, boiler technology is prominent, but we’re also a city interested in efficiency, making radiant heaters an excellent alternate option. How do radiant heaters work? The process is actually fairly simple.

Radiant heating itself means the heating radiated by warm objects. If you step inside a sunny room and feel the warmth on your skin, you’re experiencing radiant heat. The system itself means an installation in the floorboards, warming the room directly rather than with forced air. The technician installs tubes of liquid or electric coils beneath your floorboards, then connects them to a control system. The system then warms the floor, and through it, the furniture and people in contact with the floor.

The advantages here are subtle yet prominent. In the first place, it eliminates the problems of forced air heating. There are no drafts or cold spots and you’re not reliant on an uneven heating process. All of the energy goes directly into your body, either through the floor itself or through the furniture. That makes radiant heating extremely efficient – saving your up to 50% in heating costs over furnace or boilers according to the U.S. Department of Energy. And because they have comparatively few moving parts, they don’t often require repairs. The only downside is the initial set-up, which tends to cost more than other heating systems and can be extremely disruptive to your home as well. For that reason, radiant heating systems work best during the home’s initial construction, though those willing to add a system to existing homes will find that the savings in monthly heating costs will go a long way towards off-setting that.

In Highland Village TX, boiler technology and forced air furnaces can be replaced with radiant heating systems with a little help from PRK Services Inc. We can answer any question on how radiant heaters work, then install them for you with confidence and care. We also offer other heating services in Highland Village. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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