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How to Choose a New Air Conditioner  

Air_Conditioning_dreamstime_xl_27415733_800x533You’ve finally come to the realization: it’s time to get yourself a new air conditioner. We’re here to help you when this time comes. If you’ve started to look into a new air conditioner, then we’re sure you know there are many options on the market. It can quickly become overwhelming when you’re left to your own devices to choose from all of them. That’s when our professionals can step in to help with your air conditioning in Denton, TX.

Your Best Plan of Attack

Let’s start off with your best plan of attack when it comes to finding yourself a new air conditioner. This begins by assessing your current comfort. Ask yourself a few questions…

Are You Comfortable?

When spring and summer roll around, can you say that you’re entirely happy with the service you’re receiving from your air conditioner?

Before you say “yes,” consider things like the amount of time you spend attempting to get your air conditioner to cool off your house, the effort required, and how often you have to hover over your thermostat to get proper cooling. If you have to be a helicopter parent to your air conditioner and wait patiently while it decides to start working, you need to reassess your air conditioner needs.

Are You Happy?

Do spring and summer bring down your mood because you know you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of cash on your AC? You’re not happy if this is the case. Your contentment matters with your HVAC system. If running your air conditioner causes you stress, you should have a new unit.

Is It Cost-Effective?

You should upgrade if you’re spending too much money on your air conditioner. “Spending too much” isn’t just referring to your monthly bills. We’re also talking about the price of your repair work and supplementary products you use to cool off like fans, misters, etc. Factor it all and be honest with yourself about the price of your AC.

Your Options

While any older or worn-down air conditioner isn’t going to serve you as best as it could in its prime, it’s important to realize that not all your AC problems can be charged to old age. Sometimes, your air conditioner just isn’t the right fit for your home. Don’t be afraid to try out something new.

Central Air Conditioners

These are the most common air conditioners in our area. Central air conditioners are the most popular for a reason. We still think that they’re a great option. They’re reliable, effective, and more energy-efficient than they ever have been before.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a perfect option if you’re trying to decrease your carbon footprint. Heat pumps don’t generate heating or cooling in traditional means. Instead, they move heat where you need it. If you want to find a perfect heat pump for your needs, we have options available.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal systems use the temperature of the earth to cool your home. It’s always a bit cooler a few feet below the ground, even if it’s scorching hot that day. Geothermal systems can help use this power to make your heating and cooling easier on you and the earth.

Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini splits are perfect if you need fine-tuned control for your air conditioning system. These systems use individualized air handlers to bring cooling where you need it.

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