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How A Clogged Air Filter Can Cause A Need for Heating Repairs

Ever forced-air heater comes equipped with an air filter. It is an essential part of the system that prevents your  heater from accumulating a significant amount of dust, dirt, and other debris. When such substances settle on sensitive system components, they can create efficiency as well as performance problems. They may even lead to system damage. Such issues are often easy to prevent: by keeping your air filter clean at all times, you can ensure that the internal components are protected from the adverse effects of debris. However, this is not always possible. And it can be difficult to keep track of everything in the household. In today’s post, we’d like to discuss how a clogged air filter can lead to heating repairs.

Your air filter is there to capture particles as they pass through your ductwork and air handler. Whether you own a furnace or a heat pump, you need to have an air filter so that debris brought in by the blower motor’s suction does not lead to mechanical damage. Every home has dust, dander, and other debris; over time, these will clog up your air filter and inhibit the passage of air. This can lead to serious energy efficiency issues because your entire system has to work harder to push or pull air through a clogged screen.

Another issue that pertains to clogged air filters is that it can lead to increased wear and tear on the system. Every extra effort that your system has to put into heating your home is more load on the components of your system. One of the risks of this is that you may place undue stress on your compressor (if you have a heat pump), and this is a major component, whose replacement is often costly.

One of the downsides of having the air filter there is that it can become clogged, but it’s an absolutely necessary part of the HVAC system. Most of these issues can be prevented by keeping your air filter clean at all times. Change yours about once a month during peak usage times. The best way to keep your system from becoming problematic is to enroll in a preventive heating maintenance plan.

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