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If Your Heat Pump is Making These Noises, You Need to Have It Repaired

A big part of keeping your heat pump in proper condition is catching problems as early as possible. The faster you can identify a problem with your heat pump, the faster you can get it repaired and the better off it’ll be. The best way to identify issues early enough to prevent them from causing a lot of damage is to schedule preventive maintenance. You should be doing that at least twice a year, once in spring and once in fall. Problems can and will crop up between appointments, though, so it’s important to know what warning signs to look for. Strange noises is at the top of the list as far as those warning signs go.


This one goes for pretty much all HVAC systems, including heat pumps. Your heat pump circulates air throughout the house using an air handler, which is basically a motor with a fan attached to it. Inside the motor are a few oiled bearings, designed to reduce friction on the part during operation. Over time, these bearings will wear down. As they do, the friction on the system will increase. Once the friction on the motor gets high enough, the motor will start to make a loud grinding sound while the system is operating. If you hear this sound, you need to call for repairs as soon as possible. If the bearings are not replaced, the motor will eventually burn out under the strain.


You know that sound a straw makes when the last few drops of a drink are sucked up through it? That’s the same kind of sound that you need to be very careful of regarding your heat pump. Hissing sounds coming from the heat pump system often indicate that there is a leak in the refrigerant line, allowing air bubbles into it. Refrigerant leaks will cause the ability of the heat pump to move heat to slowly drop over time. As the refrigerant level drops lower, the system will become less and less effective. Eventually, the system will break down entirely. If you hear hissing, especially if you see refrigerant dripping from the system, have a professional examine it immediately.

Short Cycling

This is partially a noise, and partially a behavior. Short cycling is when the heat pump turns itself on and off every couple of minutes. It causes quite a few problems, mostly due to the spike in wear and tear on the system. A heat pump that is short cycling will wear down much faster than one that is operating normally. If the problem isn’t dealt with, the lifespan of the system will be shortened by a number of years. This could be caused by an electrical issue, or any number of other factors. One way or another, though, you’ll need to have it taken care of.

PRK Services, Inc. offers comprehensive heat pump repair services throughout Lantana, TX. If you need help with your heat pump, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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