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Furnace Problems to Watch for

As you start to rely on your furnace more and more in the coming months, you’re going to be putting the system under an increasing amount of stress. That added stress means that the chances of a problem occurring are much higher. Since most furnace problems get worse the longer they are left alone, it’s a good idea to call for repairs as soon as you identify a problem. In order to help you identify furnace problems, let’s take a look at a few of them now.

Delayed Ignition

When your furnace combusts gas (if it’s a gas furnace) it generates a number of combustion byproducts. These combustion byproducts include carbon particles, which can stick to the burner assembly and build up over time. If the assembly isn’t cleaned often enough, the buildup can become so bad that it actually causes one or more of the jets to fire later than it should. This often results in a deep booming sound coming from the furnace. If you hear that sound, get your burner assembly checked.

Drops in Output

If your heater doesn’t seem to be putting out enough heat, it’s definitely cause for concern. There are a couple of different things that could be wrong here. Your furnace could have a problem with its air handler, which prevents it from cycling warm air. There could be a blockage in the gas line, which means the burner assembly doesn’t have enough fuel. Regardless, this is definitely something you should have examined by a professional. A drop in output is a serious issue, and one that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

If you have a problem with your furnace, call PRK Services, Inc. We offer furnace services throughout Highland Village, TX.

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