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Flower Mound, TX AC: Why is My Heat Pump Making Strange Noises?

When you purchase a high-quality heat pump from a trusted manufacturer and schedule a professional installation, you can enjoy an efficient, effective performance from that system. No matter how great your heat pump is, though, you are going to encounter some problems with its operation at some point. Scheduling routine Flower Mound, TX heat pump maintenance is a great way to keep your heat pump in good working condition. Should you notice any problems or irregularities with its performance, though, contact a professional right away. Even minor issues, such as strange sounds, may indicate a need for professional heating pump repair from PRK Services, Inc.

Any strange noises from your heat pump should be evaluated by a professional, as there are usually many different possible causes of such sounds. An unfamiliar rushing sound may be the result of the refrigerant reversing vale reversing. A loud metal on metal sound may be quite alarming, but often the cause of the problem can be fixed quite easily. It is possible that a fan blade is bent, or hitting ice that has built up within the system. It is important to replace damaged fan blades as soon as possible, as they can go on to damage the motor, so schedule professional service right away.

An odd vibrating noise from your heat pump may be the result of an unbalanced unit that needs leveling. Your refrigerant tubes may also be strapped to tightly to the unit. If your unit is indeed off balance, of if any component is over tightened, you need to schedule service with a qualified heat pump repair technician immediately. All problems start off minor. When they are given the time necessary to worsen, though, serious issues can result. Do not let strange heat pump noises go unaddressed.

For more information about potential causes of Flower Mound, TX heat pump noises, call PRK Services, Inc. today. A heat pump specialist on our team will be able to answer any questions that you may have. It is always better to have a minor problem with your heat pump assessed by a professional than to wind up with a serious problem that could have easily been avoided.

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