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Does Your Air Conditioner Need a Repair?


We know it might seem a little early in the season to ask this question. The truth is, though, that if your air conditioner is already starting to act up this early on, you really do want to schedule an AC repair in Denton, TX as soon as you can. If you don’t, the system is only going to worsen as the weather heats up and you rely on your AC more and more. In the worst-case scenario, neglecting a repair now can result in a full system breakdown in a few months’ time.

Not sure if you need an AC repair? Watch out for these warning signs to see if you need to schedule an appointment with a technician today.

1. The system is making odd noises

You know what your AC is supposed to sound like. So when something sounds “off,” you should definitely take note of it and talk to a professional to check things out. Noises like rattling, clanging, hissing, bubbling, or screeching are all indicators that there is a problem with your system.

2. You notice there is weak airflow

When the air conditioner is running, you should get strong, steady airflow throughout the house. If you notice that instead there is one or more vents that are producing weakened airflow, however, then it is time to talk to a technician. There may be a problem with your ducts or your blower fan.

3. The AC is short cycling

Another problem that you need to watch out for is short cycling. Short cycling involves shortened cooling cycles interrupted because of a refrigerant leak, a clogged air filter, or another problem. This is both a sign of a problem and an issue that will worsen the state of your AC, so make sure to have a technician check things out ASAP.

4. You have overly high energy bills

Running your AC will create a slight fluctuation in your energy bills, but it shouldn’t create a huge spike whenever it turns on. If you notice large discrepancies in your energy bills when you use your air conditioner, then it is worthwhile to talk to a professional technician.

5. There are signs of a leak

Are there water marks around the base of your air conditioner after it runs? Is there a wet spot on the wall beneath your air handler? Your AC doesn’t use water and it isn’t normal for it to leak. These may indicate a clogged condensate line, a refrigerant leak, or another problem that requires repairs.

These are just some of the indicators that something is amiss with your air conditioning system. If you notice these problems or any other signs of trouble, it is well worth it to talk to a professional about getting your system fixed. That’s what our team is here for!

You can rely on PRK Services, Inc for quality service throughout Denton and Cook Country. We even offer emergency services.

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