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Do I Really Need a Dehumidifier if I Run My AC?

Humidity is a horrible thing to deal with, especially during a record-breaking summer heat wave like we’ve been having recently. Humidity raises the evaporation point of liquids like sweat, which makes it harder for your body to cool itself. That’s why humid days seem so much hotter than dry ones. Many people want to get rid of the excess humidity in their homes, but they may not necessarily want to install a system to deal with it. We often get the above question from those people. Read on to find out why your air conditioner is not enough to dehumidify your home.

Air Conditioning and Dehumidification

It’s true that air conditioners do dehumidify the air a little bit. That’s more of a side-effect than an intended function, though. Air conditioners cool the air by evaporating refrigerant in an evaporator coil, which causes the temperature around the part to drop below the dew point. This draws some of the humidity out of the air, but not nearly enough to have a measurable effect. If you really want to remove a lot of the excess humidity from your air, you’re going to need a dedicated system in order to accomplish it.


Dehumidifiers have a wide range of different methods for getting rid of humidity in the air around them. Some of them use a modified evaporator coil to cool the air past the dew point, then warm it up to normal room temperature before releasing it. Some use desiccants to absorb excess humidity passively. You should consult with a professional technician on what the best system for you would be.

PRK Services, Inc. offers dehumidifier installation services throughout Aubrey, TX. If you need a dehumidifier installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, call today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

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