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Common Heating Repairs in Denton TX

When you need any kind of heating repairs in Denton, you always want to get it repaired by a professional. We all love enjoying the comforts of modern heating. But when your heating system starts to cause problems, if can be hard to know when to call a professional heating contractor. At PRK Services, we wanted to put together some of the more common heating repairs in Denton, TX.

Strange Heating Noises in Denton

During its normal operations, your heating system will make noises as it heats your home. But if you start to notice new, strange sounds, it can be a sign of a big problem. Here are some of the most common Denton heating repairs.

  • Rattling – If you hear rattling from your heating system, it can be an indication that carbon monoxide might be leaking into your home. Your heat exchanger provides heat to the air in your home, but it also is responsible for exhausting the harmful combustion gases. Rattling can indicate that there’s a hole in your heat exchanger which means that those gases could be leaking into your home.
  • Rumbling – If your heating system starts to make a rumbling sound, it might be the ductwork in your home expanding at the new heated air. It could also be that your burner is dirty and causing the noise.
  • Squealing – If your heating system is squealing, it’s most likely the fan belt or the fan motor. When they start to wear out, they can rub on other components of your home.

No Heat or Low Heat in Denton

If your heating system isn’t producing any heat or if it’s not producing enough heat it can be a serious inconvenience. Here are some of the common causes.

  • Air filter – Your furnace or heat pump has an air filter in it and if it isn’t changed regularly, it can restrict the flow of air through your home. This can cause no heat or not enough heat to get into your home.
  • Thermostat – The thermostat in your home controls when your heating system comes on. If it’s malfunctioning it can keep your home from getting any heat.
  • Pilot/thermocouple – If the pilot light in your heating system goes out frequently, it can keep your home from getting any heat. Also, the thermocouple is a safety feature that controls the flow of gas into the combustion chamber.

If you need any kind of Denton heating services, make sure you contact PRK Services.

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