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Common Heat Pump Repairs in Denton, TX

You depend on your Denton, TX heat pump to provide home comfort all year long, whether it’s cooling in the summer or heating in the winter. No matter how good its installation is your heat pump might eventually develop problems because of general wear and tear, a lack of maintenance, or accidental damage. If you think your heat pump no longer works as it once did, or you observe some fault or problem with its operation, then it’s time for heat pump repair. Fortunately, PRK Services offers comprehensive heat pump repair in Denton, TX. Give us a call today.

Let’s take a look at some common heat pump problems that require repair:

  • Inadequate pressure. Your heat pump is a pressurized system. Without adequate pressure, you will experience deficient cooling and heating. There are several reasons for pressure problems, including refrigerant leaks, or low levels of refrigerant, damaged compressor or even a dirty air filter.
  • No heat. If you can’t feel any hot air coming out of your duct registers, then it may be a problem with your heat pump. Often, this is a thermostat issue, meaning that your system is not reading the thermostat set point, and therefore unable to adjust the temperature accordingly, but it may also be a power problem. You shouldn’t attempt to assess any electrical problems yourself, so please rely on the help of a professional.
  • Frost. If you can see frost on or around the heat pump, then you may have a defective air blower. This means that cold air is building up within your heat pump instead of being circulated throughout your home. Alternatively, if you a dirty or clogged air filter, then you may have a combination of no cool air and frost.
  • Excessive noise. Don’t be surprised if your heat pump makes a little noise after it is first installed—you’ll get used to it in time. But if it begins to make strange or very loud sounds, it’s likely a problem one of the mechanical components: a fan, belt, or motor bearing.

Diagnosing heat pump problems can be tricky, to say the least. They are complex systems, after all, so it’s important that you rely on the help of a professional. For heat pump repair in Denton, TX, call PRK Services today!

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